Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thirty Before 30 - Update 3

I was going to do a post wrapping up 2011 but it was difficult since I only started seriously blogging in June. So instead, here is my Thirty Before 30: update 3! I only have about 5 months to complete this list, ruh roh! :)

EDIT: I am a hot mess. I just realized that there are items missing - I looked at my original list and I skipped #4 and #8 under Life. I honestly don't know if I accidentally deleted them before publishing the post or if I just totally and absolutely mis-numbered and never had those items. I am adding in a spot for #4 and #8 and will think about what to make them. Maybe "learn to embroider" since I've been wanting to and am in the process of teaching myself? Maybe "buy a new dining table" since I'm on the hunt for a 60s danish-style set?

I also just realized that the spacing was completely off. I must have been asleep when I wrote this post!


1. Buy a new couch - SO CLOSE. I found a $40 couch I loved at a thrift shop, researched upholsterers, but I can't find affordable fabric! I might have found some yesterday but I am waiting on a few swatches. Who knows if the couch is still at the thrift store, though! Sigh!
2. Get the attic (craft space & guest room) organized - this is a constant work in progress, but coming along pretty well right now
3. Change up dining room wall decor - halfway there - did 2 of the 3 walls!
4. Redecorate above the couch - still need to make this happen!
5. Get shelves for living room and redecorate the inside the door space - I have some temporary shelves there now, we'll see if they stay! I'm looking for vintage metal cosco shelves that are 33 inches in length. most are 36, 33 is really hard to find!
6. Hang the "Y"s I've been collecting
7. Get (and keep alive) more plants
8. Go through my old CDs and figure out what to keep/import/sell/etc - CHECK! Just sold a huge bag of CDs. Only made $37, but at least they're out of my life. And, thanks to Spotify, I'm not worried about not ever hearing a particular song again!
9. Get a canvas print of the "Believe" sign at the church where we were married - CHECK! And it was free thanks to a uPrinting giveaway!
10. Organize garage


1. Get our wedding photo booth photos printed for our guestbook - even put them in the photo album! woo!
2. Finish wedding thank you notes
3. Be more intentional in my friendships
- this one is hard to quantify, so I'm leaving it up here as a reminder to initiate hanging out with friends!
5. Get our wedding featured on a wedding blog - Thank you Ashley's Bride Guide!
6. Make a meal plan/menu with Andy
7. Learn how to arrange flowers properly

9. Edit a video of our honeymoon roadtrip

10. Watch all the seasons of Mad Men - we are almost done!
11. Take a trip with Andy - Seattle!
12. See a play/musical - We saw our friend Jason in The Complete Works of Shakespeare! And Andy gave me tickets to see Mary Poppins for Christmas!
13. Ride our bikes this fall and next spring


1. Put an item on consignment in a local vintage shop

2. Succeed with booth at TN Antique Mall
- This is also hard to quantify, what is "success" really? It's going well and growing!
3. Go to an auction
Make postcards for my business to leave at the booth
5. Do a fabric bouquet tutorial on my blog
6. Grow my blog to 75 followers and 75 subscribers - 131 subscribers, 101 followers! Thank you to everyone for supporting Owl Really!!
7. Do another flea market (maybe even organize one?) - I regret this one - since I opened my booth, I don't have the inventory to set up at another flea market.

There you have it! I need to get busy. :)

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  1. :)
    in your LIFE list, there is no #4 ??? hmmmm

    Great list! I could do a bucket list, but there would be so little on it. I'm pretty content. ;)


  2. These are all such worthy goals! Here's to 2012~may it bring everything you hope for!

  3. hahahahah!!! apparently there has never been a #4 under "life." i just went back and looked. oh my! well i suppose it's 29 before 30! ;-)

  4. I've got a great tip for reupholstering that sofa in an inexpensive fabric: painter's dropcloth. I've had chairs and sofas upholstered and/or slipcovered in dropcloth for clients with great success. Buy a few large ones at Home Depot or Lowe's, wash them twice, and run them through your dry cycle several times with about a dozen dryer sheets. They make fantastic slipcovers because they are sturdy and washable, but look like French linen.

  5. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com


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