Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's my 29th birthday which means it's my GOLDEN birthday! We're celebrating by getting brunch at the Holland House in East Nashville then going to the movies! I'm so excited to see Bridesmaids and we just might do a double feature and see the Hangover 2 as well! I normally like really thought-provoking dramas or quirky comedies (not big blockbusters) but these both look hilarious and fun and I'm excited to see them! Kristen Wiig + Maya Rudolph = amazingness!

photo by sfgirlbybay

If I could be anywhere right now though, I'd be in Brooklyn! (Hey honey, let's go to New York for my 30th! winkwink!) I constantly daydream about the Brooklyn Flea and sfgirlbybay posted a GORGEOUS blog about the Brooklyn Flea on Friday. She captured stunning details of the flea and surrounding areas. Click through to see more and if you're ever in New York, be SURE to head to the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays and Sundays!


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