Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Going on a couch hunt...

The only piece of furniture in our house that I have bought "new" is a cute little loveseat from Target.com. Everything else (except the mattresses) is second hand. Literally.

I really used to like the Pottery Barn style so when I found a good deal on a brown "leather" couch on Craigslist several years ago, I snatched it right up. My style has developed and evolved, however, and I find myself drawn to cleaner lines... and daydreaming of buying a vintage (or vintage-inspired) couch.

I have a plan to save up and get a new couch. The funds are adding up thanks to my recent birthday and I'm researching and looking around and trying to figure out what I want that will be husband-approved (comfort is key to him!). I always had my heart set on the Corona sofa from Macy's - let's take a moment to admire her -


She goes on sale quite often but she's not available in our area and I'm a little wary of buying a couch without actually sitting on it first!

I have googled and googled and looked through the photo galleries of local furniture chains but I have been unable to find anything similar - style or $$ wise.

I did stumble upon Regal Furniture in Smyrna, TN and their huuuge online gallery of couches. I can't imagine they keep all these in stock, they must just be available for order... and I did find a designer that I like but I have no idea how much the couches run! I used their "contact us to inquire about a price" form but have heard nothing.

All that to say, the designer is Charles Schneider and here are a few beautiful couches to drool over!

If you're also couch shopping, follow my "couch coveting" board on Pinterest to see what else I find as I continue to embark on the Great Couch Hunt of 2011!

Do you know where to find vintage-y new couches? Let me know in the comments!


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