Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thirty Before 30

I think I finally have my 30 before 30 list done! I broke it up into 3 categories: house, business, and life! I was tempted to put things on here that I know I am doing already (like white water rafting or going to Disneyworld) but I stayed away from confirmed plans and only added goals!

I will be updating on my progress throughout the next year - I have until May 29, 2012 to complete this list!


1. Buy a new couch
2. Get the attic (craft space & guest room) organized
3. Change up dining room wall decor
4. Redecorate above the couch
5. Get shelves for living room and redecorate the inside the door space
6. Hang the "Y"s I've been collecting
7. Get (and keep alive) more plants
8. Go through my old CDs and figure out what to keep/import/sell/etc
9. Get a canvas print of the "Believe" sign at the church where we were married
10. Organize garage


1. Get our wedding photo booth photos printed for our guestbook
2. Finish wedding thank you notes
3. Be more intentional in my friendships
5. Get our wedding featured on a wedding blog
6. Make a meal plan/menu with Andy
7. Learn how to arrange flowers properly
9. Edit a video of our honeymoon roadtrip
10. Watch all the seasons of Mad Men
11. Take a trip with Andy
12. See a play/musical
13. Ride our bikes this fall and next spring


1. Put an item on consignment in a local vintage shop
2. Succeed with booth at TN Antique Mall
3. Go to an auction
4. Make postcards for my business to leave at the booth
5. Do a fabric bouquet tutorial on my blog
6. Grow my blog to 75 followers and 75 subscribers
7. Do another flea market (maybe even organize one?)

Have you ever made a list like this? Did you accomplish everything? I'd love to hear about your experiences!


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