Friday, June 17, 2011

Auction Action

I think I'm ready to mark the first item off my Thirty Before 30 list! Tonight there is an auction in Nashville that I'm hopefully going to go check out - but I unfortunately don't have a buddy yet to go with me! I'm a little nervous to go by myself - it seems REALLY overwhelming. Whenever I see them on TV, it's hard to keep up with what's going on! I'm sure everyone will know what they're doing, so I'll have to get in good with other attendees so they can help me - hopefully there is a spirit of helpfulness even though we're all in "competition" technically!

My friends Eric and June go to auctions quite frequently so I asked Eric for some advice. Here are his tips!

1) have an amount in mind before bidding that will be your top bid and stick to it

2) don't be afraid to start the bidding a little high if it is something you really want (it scares some bidders off)

3) don't draw too much attention to the items you like

4) pay close attention to what you are actually bidding on

5) have the persistence to stay for good deals

6) have a great time!

I am so excited/nervous that I could hardly sleep last night! You know you're a junker when the thought of getting to root through junk keeps you awake!!

Have you been to an auction? What's your auction advice? Give me any helpful hints in the comments, please!! :)

Eric says I have the "auction spirit" and I think I agree! Wish me luck!!

Oh - an update on that red couch! I was the high bidder on Wednesday at $66 but it unfortunately went too high and sold for $280. Oh well!


  1. I did go to an auction once. We got our kitchen chairs there. It was a long time ago, but I remember that an antique dealer was made because we took all the chairs, not just the best ones. I guess normally, when there's a big lot, you get the best ones for the winning price, and the rest are auctioned at a lower price. We just took them all! The only other auctions I've been too involve cattle. Not really the same thing.

  2. Oh no! I've been wandering about that couch. I just bought myself 2 of the cutest mid century chairs for $0.75 a piece. I am giddy right now. One problem, I have no space for any more chairs. I will somehow make it work.

  3. Suzanne - I didn't understand the lot thing you mentioned until after I went to the auction - I ended up buying an apple crate that was part of a really large lot - the first ones went for HIGH HIGH HIGH but i got mine for $10, woohoo!

    j - 75 cents!!!! that's amazing! can't wait to see photos!!


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