Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Emily Keafer's Every Little Thing Studio

I'm going to brag on my friend Emily Keafer for a moment. Emily is one of the coolest, most talented people I know. She worked for one of the leading design companies in Nashville (have you seen the "Spirit of Nashville" posters? Yup, she did some of those.) and left in order to become a freelancer. She has kept busy with a variety of clients and was kind enough to do all our wedding design. She is amazing!

If you haven't seen our invitations, feast your eyes on these:

click to see the images larger!

Adorable, right?

Emily is launching a new portfolio - click here to see her work including other invitations, books, Bibles and more!

(And if you're coming here because you know my mom's blog, Emily did her banner, too!)

Not only is Emily graphic design savvy, but she is just hip in general. Everytime I visit her house, I look around in awe and get inspired. I love her style!

She even had a fancy garden party in July for her birthday and I wanted to blog about it but never did - luckily, fellow party-goer Robyn blogged about it today. Check out Emily's fancy garden party here!


  1. awww, emily's site is great! She certainly is ONE talented lady! :)
    The party looks like it was a lot of fun! Love all the lights!
    your mom

  2. Hi Jamie, I found your blog through the BizLadies post on DS and thought I'd say hi! :) I liked your estate sale tips. I haven't really gotten back into the swing of thrifting since I moved a couple of months ago, but I'm looking forward to feeling the thrill of the hunt again!

  3. Hey Casey, thanks for saying hi! I was going to email you back but your settings are set in a way that your email is hidden from me when I try to reply to your comment. :(

    I'll be checking out your blog and I'm eager to see what fun finds you discover when you get back into the swing of thrifting!

  4. Hi Jamie. That's no good! I think I fixed the email issue, thanks for the heads-up. Awesome wedding invites, by the way!


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