Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How old is your globe?

I love globes, don't you? There's something so comfortable about a globe because they're so familiar and ubiquitous yet they really can make such a statement in interior design! I just picked up this globe recently and it will be headed to my booth at the Tennessee Antique Mall very soon!

Do you also shop for globes? Have you ever wondered what era your globe is from?

There are a few easy, quick ways to find out and for more detailed information, click here to see a complete list of ways to check the year of your globe!

Quick checks to determine age of Globe:

o Is Vietnam shown as one nation (not North & South)? If yes, then globe was made after 1976
o 1984 - Upper Volta changes name to Burkina Faso
o 1991 - Soviet Union dissolves into 15 new countries


I hope this helps you determine the age of your globe! Check the era and let's see who has discovered the oldest globe! Leave your guesstimated year in the comments!

As for this globe, I figure it's from 1997. The Democratic Republic of Congo is shown with Zaire in parentheses below it, so I'm guessing it's right after the change. Also, I don't see the Nunavut Territory in Canada which was formed in 1998. My best guess is 1997!

In putting it in my booth, I'm cheating a little bit since it's not TECHNICALLY vintage [it would need to be 20 years or older to be considered vintage] but it certainly LOOKS vintage so I'm going with it!


  1. It's a great looking globe~I'm sure someone will love it and buy it.
    Thanks for the information! I'll have to go check my globe to see how old it is!

  2. I worked backwards, and got to the part that says Gold coast became Ghana in 1957. Mine shows Ghana, but does not show Bangladesh.
    your mom

  3. great info! Thanks for looking it up for us, now I have to dig out my globe(s) and check them out.
    Love the look of yours, it sure LOOKS vintage to me.

  4. Good test to find the age of a globe!

    I'm on the lookout for a globe or two myself. Hopefully, they'll have that terrible little split around the equator that you sometimes find in not so well cared for globes. I've got a little project in mind for it!

  5. Thanks for the info on the globe! :-) I think they make wonderful decorating items. Congrats on your wedding. :-)


  6. This is a great post and your blog is super-cute! I've got this linked to my globes and maps post too today, well done!


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