Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Decorating by Andy

For a year or two, I had a collection of frames full of different art above the couch. I got pretty tired of the configuration and thought the art might be a little too girly, so after we got married and Andy moved in, I took them down.

I tried to figure out a new configuration, replacing some of the art, but I am having major decorator block! I redecorated another wall instead because I just couldn't figure out what to do above the couch!

I guess Andy got tired of the "nail graveyard" hanging above our couch (I am definitely going to remove the nails and use 3m command strips when I next hang something there) because I came home Saturday to find this:

Upon closer inspection...

Hilarious! Andy really doesn't care about decorating but he added his special touch. Should I take the hint and remove the nails and figure something out?? :)

I have a plan, I just have to find the right fabric for it. When we got his new desk, it came with amazing, huge pieces of styrofoam. I plan to cut a large rectangle into 3 smaller ones, cover them with fabric, then hang them up. We'll see how it goes - I will definitely be updating the blog about it since it's one of my "30 before 30" items!


  1. awww, ain't it sweet! :)

    he's a keeper, that andy! I have no suggestions. we all know I am decor challenged.

    your mom

  2. Well, Andy is frugal and sweet. Your idea of decorating sounds great! Can't wait to see pics.
    I'm your mom's friend.

  3. oh, that is so sweet! I like your idea, but I also (am a sentimental sap) think you should frame that flower picture and put it somewhere in the house...years down the road it will still make you smile!!


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