Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Favorite Finds: Wendy Lee's Handbag

In our third installment of Favorite Finds, Wendy Lee of Punctuation Studio shares with us how her flea market handbag is more than just a new accessory.

Wendy Lee says, It's a flea market find that wasn't a steal, but it's definitely one of my favorite things. I was always envious of other people's vintage purses, but I could never find anything that was in decent condition and walked that fine line between retro cool and grandma chic. Then I stumbled upon this at one of the indoor stalls at the Nashville Flea Market and it's just perfect!

I like to imagine it's the kind of thing my grandmother might have left me (if my big sister didn't hog all her good vintage stuff).

Wendy Lee has just started a Creative Collective of which I'm happy to be a part! (Notice that grammar - I feel more pressure to use correct grammar in Wendy Lee's post!) Last week a group of us got together and crafted, sharing ideas and inspiration. It was so fun!

Thanks, Wendy Lee, for sharing your fleamarket purse!

If you would like to be considered for Favorite Finds, email me a photo of the item you would choose as your Favorite Find and a little bit about it. I'll write you back with some questions to answer and then we'll get you set up! I have several in store for you guys already so I may not be able to feature every submission that comes in but I would love to see what you guys have!

1 comment:

  1. jamie,
    I LOVE this series, and the banner you have for it is perfect!
    Cute handbag. I know how Wendy feels, about not getting much from the Nana. My sister, however has been sharing some of her stuff with me of late. :)
    your mom


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