Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Weekend

It's Tuesday, but I'm gonna go on and re-cap our weekend!

Friday, Andy went to see Cowboys and Aliens but I'm scared of aliens so I planned an alternate outing and saw Midnight in Paris with girlfriends. If you haven't heard of this movie yet, please watch the trailer below and then go see it! Don't ask anyone what the plot is, don't try to figure out the twist/surprise, just go see it! It is so delightful and magical and as a former francophile, I loved it! (I took french for about 10 years and was obsessed with anything Parisian in high school!)

Go see this delightful movie! You will love it!

Saturday morning, we went to the Nashville Biscuit House in East Nashville. Yum! Then we headed to an estate sale on Andy's old street. It was a little overpriced but Andy found an amazing decanter from the 40s with 5 brass rimmed small glasses and the decanter even pumps out the whiskey into the glasses. It's great! I found a viewmaster with 8 packs of vintage cartridges, some vintage craft books, and some really cute vintage schoolbooks.

I headed out to more estate sales and ran into Ro, who has a booth down from mine at the antique mall. We discovered that we are fun shopping buddies and we went to 2 more estate sales together and both found some great items!

Saturday night, we went to our neighborhood bar, Twin Kegs, to celebrate Andy's birthday. It was a fun mix of friends!

Sunday, we went to Andy's grandmother's house to celebrate his and his uncle's birthdays. Our sister-in-law brought Annabelle, the chinchilla she bought for her second grade classroom! I had never seen a chinchilla in person but quickly fell in love with Annabelle!

Sunday night, we went to an informational meeting about our church planting a new congregation near our neighborhood. I've been going to Midtown Fellowship for 7 years but it has changed and grown and I'm ready for something smaller where we can really dig in. Andy and I are both excited about this new congregation of our church!

All in all it was a great weekend... hope you had a great one too! :)

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  1. hey! You know I will NOT see this movie, so you must tell me where he's going! hahaha
    chinchilla? cool. I've never seen one up close and personal.
    I'm happy about the new congregation, sounds perfect for you two!
    your mom


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