Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

School seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year! We were in Target a few weeks ago and I was drawn to the school supplies aisle...I just couldn't help myself!

I haven't been in any form of school for 7 years now but I still love school supplies! There's just something so exciting about a fresh start - freshly sharpened pencils, crisp notebooks, empty planners and agendas. (I'm starting to sound a little like You've Got Mail, aren't I? "I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." Love that movie!)
my first day of kindergarten

I was reminiscing about school and decided to ask my mom about some of her "first day of school" memories. She shares one of her least favorite memories below (although it has become a funny story among us these days):

Before I started 6th grade, I wanted this hot pink tent dress with giant white polkadots. It had white straps (no sleeves) and it was very full. My mom had not registered me properly for my new school, and I sat in the office most of my first day of 6th grade. The office was a funny shape, it sort of sat in the middle of the school, and it had glass windows on 3 sides. I felt like I was a spectacle sitting there as everyone walked by. I was a little fish in a very big sea, scared and embarrassed.

I bet the dress was really amazing but my shy 6th grader of a mom felt too uncomfortable to really appreciate it! I can totally relate to stepping out of my comfort zone and then being unsure of my choice!! I wish we had a photo of that dress!

I also asked her about my first day of school...
The day you started pre-kindergarten was a sad day for me. You just skipped in the room, and said "Bye Mom!" I walked down the hall bawling because I couldn't believe my baby girl was so big.

I remember when you were in pre-k, you were a "porch kid", meaning you only spent the morning at the center and I picked you up from the center's porch each day. After you went home, the other kids went to daycare (where they had lunch, napped, etc).

You always whined because you wanted to stay. I suppose you thought you were missing out on something. One time, I arranged for you to stay, and you never asked to do it again. :)
my first day of pre-k

After I started elementary school, my mom ended up teaching for 19 years at the center where I went to preschool and kindergarten! The center closed and she began building, creating, and letting her imagination run wild with power tools! If you're not familiar with her work, please check out MyRepurposedLife.net!

*photos are from a scrapbook my mom put together of my first 18 years! you can click to see them larger if you'd like to see all my awkwardness in full glory! :)

I have a really horrible memory so I have trouble remembering my specific first days of school... is your memory better than mine? Share your favorite first day of school stories in the comments!!


  1. great post jamie! I'm curious about the dress you referred to. (the one we don't have a picture of)
    I often (even at MY age) have back to school nightmares, usually consisting of me forgetting my locker combination. Of COURSE it would revolve around numbers, right?
    your mom

  2. Fun post! You were such a cute little girl.

    I cried my first day of school. I was sure I'd never have any friends and I'd just wander the school yard every recess with no one to play with. But that didn't happen. When the first bell rang for recess, the girl in the next desk grabbed my hand and said "Let's go get the swings!" That was that!

  3. Oh my gosh, I thought that first picture was of your mom! I was lucky, because I had an older sister and an older brother who sweetly walked me through everything and made sure I was welcomed {or they would kick their rears LOL} so it all went smooth for me. Oh wait, excpet when my mom kept forgetting to pick me up in kindergarden and I spent a lot of time in the office waiting for her...oops. Oh well, I totally understand now that I am her age LOL I may or MAY not of done with one of my kids..or two LOL


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