Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Welll, it was a really good and productive weekend!

It kicked off with this!

Yay, Mike Wolfe! Mike was in town and announced on Facebook that he would be at Antique Archaeology so I headed down after work to meet him! I met a really nice woman who is also a dealer and we talked the whole time we were in line, it made the time pass really quickly! It only took about 20-30 minutes and when it was my turn, Mike was a dear! He gave me a big smile and a hug and signed a poster for me and took the photo. He was really sweet. I'm still kinda dreamy-eyed over the experience. :)

When I got home, I suggested to Andy that we check out a local auction. He obliged (sweet husband that he is) and we headed down to the Music City Auction. We were late, so they were already through most of the small items and were on to the big furniture pieces that we weren't interested in and couldn't afford anyway! I did, however, get a little armchair.

auction workers working hard andy hauling my chair home

There's more on the chair I got... I have a "before and after" to share on the chair later this week!

Saturday, we went to breakfast and then came home and I started spraypainting. The weather felt nice-ish, but it got pretty hot. I had 2 "big" projects I wanted to work on - 2 kid chairs that I've picked up lately and I'm excited to put in my booth. (please ignore our awful fence - the storms here have done a number on it)

I will have more on the chairs later, too! :) The one on the left, I successfully finished but the one on the right still has some more work!

I updated my booth with a few things...

I really love being able to go up to the booth and fiddle around - add more items, rearrange and restyle items... it's fun!

Sunday was a lazy day - we caught up on some Mad Men and went to a fun birthday party.

How was your weekend? Productive? Relaxed? Hope it was great. :)


  1. AAAHHHH! That's you and MIKE! How cool! He's right up there with the Keno brothers, in my mind anyway.

    Love Mad Men. My favorite episode is where Betty shoots the neighbors pigeons in her negligee, cigarette hanging off her lower lip. :)

  2. LOL at Suzanne's comment! Oh my, I should probably be watching Mad Men!
    great post, love the kid's chairs. Is that where you paint? right by the porch? What happened to painting in the fire pit place?
    your mom

  3. Oh, I am so jealous you met Mike! Pat & I are huge AP fans- what an awesome opportunity!! :)


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