Friday, August 19, 2011

Vintage gone wrong?

For most of us who loooove vintage, it's hard to imagine that the items we covet today may not have been that popular in their time!

I would look at the below photos of my mom and think, "Wow! What a cool outfit! She looks super sassy and cute! Look at her cute poses - she looks totally confident and cool!"

She looks at that photo, however, and remembers how much she hates paisley! (Gasp! Hard to believe that someone back then could hate paisley, right? It seems like it was all the rage!)

She says...

The paisley nehru jacket is something my mom made for me. I never really liked paisley, and I hated my hair. To get my hair to look like that, I had to tape it down with pink "hair tape," otherwise my naturally curly hair would kink up and be too wavy. I generally wore my knee socks over my knees because I had a wart on my knee, and I tried to hide it.

You would never imagine that someone in cute kneesocks would be wearing them out of self-consciousness! They're so adorable!

Hair tape?? I can't even imagine - that seems really tricky and painful!

There are so many things us 20 and 30somethings don't know about "vintage living." My mom told me the other day that when she traveled to visit family, she would let her family back home know she arrived safely by calling collect. Her mom would receive a collect call from her, not accept it, and know that she was safe and sound at her destination. How things have changed!!

I'm going to have to find out more about hair tape... that is just crazy! :)


  1. While scrolling through my reader, these images popped up, and I was like Whoa! :) I had forgotten that I sent them to you.
    The pink hair tape was not painful, and it didn't work all that well. If only I had had a curling iron!
    These photos were taken when we lived with Nana & Grandad-I sure loved that house!
    Did you notice the license plate on the front? I sure wish I had that!
    your mom

  2. GAIL - You are so cute in these pics. I had a Nehru jacket like yours - only in fake leather!!
    I remember pink hair tape - used it too make my bangs lie flat!
    Thanks for this posting Jamie!

  3. Love this post! Loved see the pictures of your mom! In my family they would make a person to person call asking for themselves and on the other end they would say that person is not here and they would tell the operator they would try again later. This happened once when my aunt Barb called and my brother said to the operator no, that's Barb calling. My grandparents and parents doubled over with laughter. Needless to say, we weren't allowed to answer the phone at Grandma's after that!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Vintage gone wrong, too funny! Your mom looks adorable in that jacket and mini skirt, what was she, maybe 12 or 13 there? Love the knee socks!
    I remember some really awful outfits that I would die if I saw someone oohing over them today, yet back then they were favorites. Like the LOONG crocheted vests worn with mini skirts, or a red white and blue striped pantsuit, (ugh pantsuits, what were we thinking?) or the polyester dress that was supposed to look like a skirt and separate blouse and it had a TIE attached on the top, a mens look tie, really!, (I actually wore it proudly in a family portrait)
    It's hard to look back and think those were cool looks at one time.
    Great post, this really brought back some memories.


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