Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heywood Wakefield Desk as Side Table

You may recognize the below photo. It was the photo I posted when blogging about the vintage chair I transformed by removing the chair skirt.

This photo was staged, though - I ended up selling the chair and I actually have a small armless loveseat in this spot. I had a brown side table that I got at Salvation Army years ago but I've never LOVED it... when I picked up a Heywood Wakefield children's desk recently, though, I knew I wanted to do a switcheraoo!

In my impatience, I didn't wait until daylight to take a photo. Forgive me. :) Here's the desk in place!

I love it! It is really unique and adds a lot of personality to the room. The brown table was functional but really boring.

What a fun transformation! And the best part? This desk was actually CHEAPER than the original table. I paid $15 for the table at Salvation Army but only $6 for this desk! Amazing!

Do any of you have a desk like this that you're using in your house? What do you do with the cubby? I will probably start keeping my magazines there, but I'm not sure yet!


  1. love that desk! i've always wanted one of those super old school wood desks in my house. i'm forever keeping my eyes open.

  2. so fun! :) It looks great there jamie. Why didn't we take before/after pictures??? we call ourselves bloggers? hmph!

  3. I have 2 of these but for the life of me I can not figure out hOw to adjust the legs down!! =)

  4. hmm! is yours a high schoolers desk? mine is for little kids, so it was short enough already... good luck!


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