Friday, October 14, 2011

Cleaning Thrifted Crewelwork

I love crewel work. I love the idea that it's vintage AND handmade! I found a great piece while thrifting but it was dirty, dirty, dirty. I had hopes that I could clean it so I bought it and set about restoring it.

I carefully removed it from its cardboard backing by pulling out the staples with pliers. I then filled up a small tub in my kitchen sink and carefully handwashed the piece with Woolite. I let it air dry and VOILA!

A happy new-looking piece of crewel work! Here it is in our home (with the chair I transformed by emoving the skirt).

There is just something so happy about colorful crewel work, don't you think??


  1. amazing! the difference after it's cleaned.
    I'm off to a fun filled morning, and an afternoon of work, work, work!

  2. beautiful! Love it! These have always caught my eye too but I haven't purchased one yet. Next time I see a good one, I'll snatch it up! ;)


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