Monday, October 31, 2011

My Halloween Costume: Lula from Chimichanga

Our friend Eric is a very talented comic book artist. In addition to The Goon, which he is most known for, he has written a comic book for children called Chimichanga. In Chimichanga, a little bearded girl named Lula orders a chimichanga and instead of receiving it, she is given a magic egg. From the hatched egg emerges a monster who she names Chimichanga and of course, they quickly become best friends!

Lula is adorable and I really wanted to be her for Halloween!

Andy bought me a mustache & beard and because he used to do theater, he knew his way around spirit gum. He glued the mustache on me and I almost couldn't stop laughing long enough for him to adhere it.

Remember when I bought 6 vintage dresses last week? The pink one was perfect for my Lula costume! It felt very girly and although she wears a short little yellow dress, I thought my pink thrifted dress was just perfect! I added white tights and black flats to complete my "little girl" outfit. I bought a "vampiress" wig that I cut to look more Lula-esque. I glued a faux yellow flower to a bobby pin and added it to the wig. For good measure, I colored in my eyebrows with black eyeliner.

I felt ridiculous, but I loved it. I actually felt kinda cute because I think Lula is so adorable!

Funnily enough, another Lula (Maulin' Monroe from the Nashville Rollergirls) showed up to the party!

Andy went as Eric to the party, so we gave him quite a surprise when he walked in to see Andy as himself and me as one of his characters. And then another couple showed up and the husband was dressed as Eric and the wife was dressed as Andy! So funny!

I think Halloween is so fun! I'm excited to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters tonight!! Hope you have a fun Halloween!

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  1. I can't believe how cute you look in that ridiculous get up! hahahah I think it was really sweet that ya'll went as eric and lula!
    You've always enjoyed Halloween, usually being several different characters each year at different functions! F.U.N.

  2. haha! How fun that you got all dressed up! What a fun idea and costume! I'm not really feeling the Halloween spirit this year, so i didn't dress up, but it's fun to see what everyone else dressed up as!

  3. Ha!!! That is sooo funny! Love the beard and mustashe. I think yours looked better than the guys, I'm sure having a professional assit helped in that category. Plus your cupi doll girly eyes (love them) adds to the cartoon look....even though the actual cartoon has big black eyes.

  4. Love your costume! How funny that there were two of you.
    Loving your blog :)

  5. Can you let me know where you got your mustache/beard? Long story short, my husband and I are dressing up as sideshow attractions for our Christmas card photo and I need them to be a bearded lady! I'm having trouble finding good ones online...

  6. We got it at a local costume shop called Performance Studios in Nashville. It was sold as an Abraham Lincoln beard and the mustache came separately. Good luck!!!

  7. I bookmarked this post to show my boyfriend for two reasons. I think he'd be jealous thag your moist ache is more well waxed than his used to be. And he's a huge fan of Eric's work do if he hasn't already checked out this lulu story ...I know he will

    1. Awesome! Chimichanga is really cute - more my style than The Goon although I definitely recognize how amazing The Goon is!

  8. wow, i think that beard actually looks cute on a lady! haha! such a good costume.


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