Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Couch Coveting

I've had my eye on the Corona sofa at Macy's for quite awhile now but I've also looked around at some other vintage-inspired couches. Here's a round-up of some of my favorites I've found.

First, the Corona sofa, then the others. Click through to learn more about each sofa!

What do you think? Do you have any favorites? Do you own a vintage or vintage-inspired sofa? If you have found one other than those posted, where did you find it? I am eager to tuck more away for the future. :)


  1. wow! that's a lot of choices. I think you'll make the right choice. My fav? I think is the corona. I'm not sure I like the one with only ONE cushion across the seat. ???
    I'm glad I won't be choosing new seating any time soon. What a chore! hahah

  2. I love vintage inspired sofas! I really liked the grey one with the cushions.



  3. I go for comfort in that area. My sofa has the big rolled arms and pillows that match. My general style is more traditional with antiques thrown in. Anxious to see what you pick though casue I know you will make it fabulous.

  4. Ooh I love all of those! I'm interested to see which one you pick!

  5. Hi there... I actually own the Corona (sofa and loveseat) in the greybrownish Cafe Noir. We would have gone with the Pear but it would have been too matchymatchy with the curtains and with the painted walls in the next room. We did need to have the first set returned because of issues with the buttons and cushion seaming. But Macy's had great customer service. For the money (wait for a sale), the Corona is a great deal. There is some shifting of the stuffing but not that much for a 6mo sofa. The fabric is a little rough but is not uncomfortable. To be quit honest, I'm not as picky as I would be had I bought a sofa from DWR. It fit our house and our budget. Happy sofahunting!


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