Monday, October 17, 2011

Owl Really Booth Updates: October Edition

I don't have a lot of room to re-arrange in my booth at the Tennessee Antique Mall but I've been trying to make some changes just to mix things up. I've read that re-arranging merchandise helps it sell, so I'm trying that out!

I arranged a little fall display to welcome in my favorite season. It's been up for 2 weeks and none of it has sold, I'm surprised!

Need some afghans??

I added some shelves to line up my Samsonite travel bags.

I also added a ton of new owls (more on that this week!).

At home, I came across a little sign I made (with lettering help from my friend Dawn) that I used to put on my table when I set up at flea markets. I thought it would be nice to add it to my booth to further brand it!

Do you have any merchandising advice for me? Do you have experience with booths/stores? Is it better to not have TOO much? What's the word? :)

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  1. No advice, but I think your booth looks great.

  2. Your booth looks so cute! I have no idea about the merchandising. :(
    I think the afghans will go as soon as there is a real chill in the air!


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