Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fashion Challenge: A Week Without My Jean Jacket

This is definitely not a fashion blog because I am definitely not a fashionista, but I love dresses. I wear a dress 99% of the time. Last year, my co-worker asked me if I got a haircut because he knew something was different and then he realized that I was wearing jeans, and that's what was so different about me that day. I love dresses. Love them!

I have a mix of vintage and new (mostly from my favorite store, Ross!!) and although I don't wear jeans, I definitely wear my jean jacket like other people wear jeans. I grab any dress and throw on my jean jacket and run out the door.

I felt like I was relying TOO much on my jean jacket and wanted to challenge myself to a week without it. Surprisingly, I didn't miss it and I really liked the challenge of trying to come up with actual outfits rather than dress + jacket. Here are a few poor quality, cheesy photos of what I wore when I wasn't allowing myself to wear my jacket! As you can see, I traded in the jacket for cardigans but a girl's gotta stay warm!

I really, really had fun mixing black + brown + gray +white. I feel fearless now when it comes to mixing those because I took a risk, mixed them, and loved it. Probably my favorite combination is gray tights/leggings with my brown cowboy boots. I love the way it looks! Plus, I am kinda addicted to my brown cowboy boots.

Has the change in weather inspired you or stumped you when it comes to picking out clothes every day? I was definitely in a rut but after successfully completing my challenge, I feel inspired again. Are you in a rut? How do you overcome it? Are there any "fashion challenges" you could take to jumpstart your ensemble inspiration? Let me know in the comments!!

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  1. great post jamie! You look adorable, and I find it hard to believe you ditched that jacket for a week! you go girl! :)
    I love your mirror! hehehe

  2. Yes, Jamie you look your style!

  3. Cute outfits!
    I bought new clothes last weekend, and I challenged myself to try things on that caught my eye even if I was absolutely SURE it wouldn't look good. A few things surprised me!

  4. I am so glad to hear you are a dress wearer like me! I love layering summer dresses for fall and winter. You really get a good use out of them that way. I am a HUGE fan of dresses with leggings like you did in these pictures. Although, I gasped when someone said on Project Runway that leggings were out...what do they know right? They are comfortable so what do they know, I am going to keep wearing them.


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