Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Favorite Finds: Bethany's Vintage Scarf Turned Pillow

I knew Bethany and her husband Adam through mutual friends and then they moved to a house just 2 streets over from mine! When Bethany hosted a bridal shower for our friend and I visited their house, I fell in love with their style! Their artful wall of "H"s (their last initial) inspired me to collect "Y"s! Bethany has such great taste - be sure to follow her on Pinterest!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My favorite find is a vintage scarf. I found it at the Canton, TX Flea Markets. There is a booth that has piles and piles of vintage textiles. You can find clothes, tablecloths, and many other fabric gems. I loaded up on tons of vintage scarves for $1 each!

Did you know right away that you would repurpose it or did you buy it intending to wear it as a scarf?

When I bought the scarves, I knew I would repurpose some of them. I had ideas of pillows, shirts, and curtains. I do wear a few of them as scarves.

Was it difficult to sew?

It was pretty simple to sew. I didn't follow a tutorial. I had some gray fabric left over from curtains. Using the scarf as my pattern, I cut out a square the size of the scarf. After a few minutes at the sewing machine, I had a decorative pillow case on my hands.

Where does it "live" now in your house?

My vintage scarf pillow serves as a focal point in my living room. It lives propped in the corner of our sofa. It has made plenty of backs and heads comfortable. I love that my favorite find is functional as well as beautiful.

Do you and Adam share the same taste in decorating? If not, how do you balance that?

Adam and I both have a love for unique, vintage, and repurposed items. He helped me choose which scarf would become a pillow in our living room. The differences of opinions have definitely come our way. We usually hash it out, sharing our viewpoints. Most of the time we can arrive at a compromise. However, he wins some and loses some.

Thank you for sharing, Bethany!

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  1. How pretty! I love the pillow. Old textiles can be made into so many things.
    I recently sold a tote bag made from a vintage pillow. The lady who bought the tote??? she was going to take it apart to make a ... you guessed it!! A pillow! go figure!


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