Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in Nashville: Opryland Hotel

Christmas at the Opryland Hotel is one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

They set up pretty much the same decorations every year, but they're so magical! If you're not familiar with the Opryland Hotel, it's an enormous Gaylord hotel & resort with indoor gardens and so much more. The lights inside and out are so beautiful! Locals and tourists alike flock to Opryland to take in all the Christmas cheer. You could spend hours wandering around taking it all in!

The first year we were dating, we celebrated Christmas by touring the lights at Opryland and I spent about 20 minutes trying to get Andy to take a "real" photo in front of the Christmas tree. Fast forward 2 years later and I'm still trying to get him to take a "real" photo. Even though he'll rarely make a straight face, I have to admit that I do treasure these goofy pictures so I sometimes indulge in a goofy face myself!

If you're ever in Nashville at Christmastime, you must check out the lights and events at Opryland Hotel!

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  1. My mister is exactly the same way. ARG! Silly boys!

  2. too cute! :)
    Love opry at Christmas (or anytime for that matter)

  3. i love goign to the opryland hotel for the lights! we didn't make it out there this year.
    don't ride the boat though! it seems like it would be awesome but it is expensive and over in probably 5 minutes! such a bummer.


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