Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Fun: Jackson's First Birthday

Tomorrow, our friend Jackson turns 1! He is just about the coolest kid ever. Below, you can see Andy turning him into a "mini-me" - they even had matching cardigans! Jackson looks pretty suave in Andy's hat, don't you think?

Over the weekend, Jackson's awesome parents threw a really fun and cute birthday party for him! If you need party ideas, check out the photos below! The party theme was "One Year Old In A Flash" and they had some great photo-themed elements. They took a special photo of Jackson every month and had those hanging up along with new framed prints from a family photo shoot last week. So adorable!

Happy, happy birthday Jackson!

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  1. does jackson's parents have a blog? I would love to copy this party for my son's first!!

    email me back,


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