Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Thrift Report: Home For Christmas Edition

I love going home to visit my family and I also looooove the great shopping in south Louisville. You may remember my "extreme thrifting" post in October - I have another extreme thrifting trip to share! The haul wasn't as huge, but this was all bought in one day (we shopped ALL DAY) amid a few different stores and peddlers malls.

I piled it all up on my mom's kitchen table and took photos! Here goes!

Isn't that a beautiful pile of vintage goodness? Let's take a few closer looks!

A really fun mix of vintage housewares and Christmas! I'll box up the Christmas items and save them for my booth for next Christmas. I'm going to try to be better about being better prepared for Christmas in my booth!

Christmas close-ups:

Look! Another vintage ceramic Christmas tree! It's so pretty! Also, I can't wait to rip open that bag of ornaments and see what all I scored! I'm going to wait until next year, though!

Only a little bit of this actually came back to Nashville with me - because we had to bring back Christmas items and go straight to Andy's family's Christmas celebration, we couldn't over-pack my tiny car. I packed up 2 boxes for my mom to bring to me later this winter! I'm excited to get them and go through it all again. It will be like Christmas all over again! :)

Want to see what she picked up on our marathon shopping trip? Check out her post on MyRepurposedLife.net!

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  1. whoa! that's a big haul! It was a F.U.N day! although I was exhausted! hahaha I love thrifting with you! :)
    I traveled all over southern indiana yesterday WISHING you were with me. There were sooo many thrift stores. We'll have to do those next time your here. Their peddler's is amazing.

  2. ugh! i want one of those ceramic trees so bad! i haven't ever seen one in a thrift. you made out like a bandit!

  3. I would thrift with you for sure! I believed we had your stocking holder when it was "new"! I saw you on Apron Thrift Girl.

  4. Wow, what great finds! I must live on the wrong side of Canada, even thrift store don't have such fun vintage items. I adore the little tree, will you keep it?
    Have an awesome week,

  5. I'm pretty sure I have some salt shakers that match that cookie jar exactly! You found a lot of loot!

  6. Your post reminds me of a wonderful antiquing trip my sister and I took to Tennessee and Kentucky. We brought home so much good stuff! One of the things I bought was a toy washing machine. I packed it in a carry-on, and airport security stopped me. They didn't know what it was, and still to this day, I'm not sure that they believed my explanation.

    Also, may I ask what you paid for the little Christmas tree? I have one similar for sale that we salvaged from an old house we deconstructed, and I don't know what to ask for it.


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