Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favorite Finds: Katherine's Estate Sale Couch

The Vintage Bazaar has become one of my most favorite blogs to check everyday. Katherine and Libby won me over with the "Guess The Year" posts and amazing product round-ups and really helpful "tips" posts. The info is great and the aesthetic is incredible! Not only do the bloggers behind The Vintage Bazaar, Libby and Katherine, post unique content every day, but they also host pop-up shops across Chicago.

If you saw Katherine's apartment recently featured on Apartment Therapy, then you may have already seen her favorite find! She shares it below!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?
Our couch, which sort of looks like something from This End Up in the 1970s. Blue cushions, boxy wood frame. I got it at an estate sale earlier this year.

photo credit: Jason Loper at Apartment Therapy

What were your first thoughts and did you know right away it was coming home with you?
I've been looking for a couch with a wood frame for a while since we have cats and they scratch sofa arms. I saw this in the estate sale ad and made a beeline for it when the doors opened. I had to sit on it to claim it until someone came around with a SOLD sticker.

Did you have to do any restoration or repair to it?
Nope. I vacuumed it. That's about it.

photo credit: Jason Loper at Apartment Therapy

Anything else we need to know about this couch and finding it?
I don't know who made it. I'd like to know. If anyone has any insight, I'm most appreciative!

Do you and your partner Jem have the same style? If not, how do you balance your different tastes?
Does Jem have style? I don't know. We moved in together when we were both 26. His style at the time was mattress on the floor and hand-me-down family sofas. I think our styles have morphed together. He's into my style by default.

Why do you love vintage?
Because older stuff was made better and lasts longer. Because buying it doesn't contribute to the massive amount of consumerist waste that's destroying our planet. And because, if you know where to go, it's way more affordable than buying new stuff!

Katherine, thank you so much for sharing your amazing couch with us!

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  1. great couch! I love the blue. It looks fabulous in the room.


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