Monday, December 19, 2011

Vintage Style in Unexpected Places: Gabe & Kerri's Going Away Party

How can I tell right away if I'll like someone's style?

It's true. As soon as I see a vintage plug, I know I'm in for vintage goodness. :)

Our dear friends, Gabe & Kerri, are moving to Denver today. Nashville is a tough town because it's very transitional. The high number of musicians and colleges means people are always in and out of town and often moving away. We are going to miss them so much but we were excited to celebrate them and our friendship at a recent going away party.

Gabe played bass for Jars of Clay for years and the band let us all gather in their rehearsal space for the party. It was chock full of vintage style - including vintage instruments (like the Wurly below) and repurposed items.

I loved the furniture, including a vintage couch, chair, and lamp. The guys use an old card catalog to hold microphones.

I love finding vintage style in unexpected places!

The party was a blast, Andy DJed and the music was amazing. It was fun catching up with old and new friends and celebrating Gabe & Kerri. We will miss them!!!

Good luck on your journey today, Gabe and Kerri! We love you!

I want to start a little series of "snooping" on people's style. I'm having trouble coming up with a somewhat original name, though! Anyone have any ideas?? :)

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  1. awww, I'm happy for Gabe and Kerri, but reading your post makes me sad. Goodbyes are always hard!
    wow! great vintage items.
    I would think the name should be something "stalkerish" not that you would EVER stalk someone.

  2. I like driving around and night and seeing if anyone has left their living room curtains open. I like seeing just that one room. So I agree with your mom, something stalkerish. Kind of an "I'm watching you" thing. But I don't have any good ideas!

    I love that old card catalog!


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