Monday, January 16, 2012

Thrift Report: The Cutest Ugly Chair Ever

When we were in Louisville for Christmas, we visited a giant peddler's mall located in our former Kroger grocery store! They have split the entire store (including the stock room) into booths and it's a great place to browse. My mom and I were near the end of our shopping excursion when I turned the corner and saw the strangest and most wonderful chair I had ever seen.

A vintage metal and vinyl chair on rockers??? I fell in love in that "it's so ugly it's cute" kind of way. And it was only $8.95! The rip in the vinyl concerned me, however, and I knew we wouldn't have room in our car to bring it home after Christmas.

I agonized over passing it up but we kept shopping, ran another errand and when I got home, there was a surprise. My mom had called my dad and suggested that he go up to the store and get it for me. She told him exactly where it was and that it was a teal rocker. When he saw it, he kept repeating "This can't be it."

I know, my taste is weird! But, he got it for me and my mom is going to either recover it or have it recovered for me.

I love it. Not that we're decorating a nursery any time soon, but this will be such a rad addition. And I never use the word rad, so you know I'm seriously excited about this chair. :)

What is the ugliest cute item you've ever found - or the cutest ugly item? :)

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  1. I am so happy you love your chair! :) It really is cool!
    ps I can't really think of anything to share in the ugly/cute category.

  2. That is one ugly/cute chair. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before.


  3. I actually saw a blogger talking about these rockers. But I can't recall which one it was...

    But I would inquire with Mr. Modtomic. See if he can put a name to it. He has lots of love for the Mid-Century furniture.

  4. i love that chair... once you change the upholstery would be like new!

  5. I'm glad you bought it. Perfect chair!
    xxx Liz

  6. Hmm, interesting! I would say more cute than ugly for sure!

  7. I love that chair - it's very cute and not the least bit ugly. It will be fabulous with a new cover!

  8. So pretty! I too think that I've seen this chair mentioned somewhere but old age has zapped it from my mind..hmm...

  9. I think most people that thrift have vision (we're lucky). I can see the charm and potential in the chair you scored. Very cool! :)

  10. I wouldn't call that chair ugly at all! I love it! Wouldn't it be great in front of a desk? You can sit back and rock in between reading blogs :) I hope you show us how you fix it up. It really has great potential.

  11. Neat Rocker! So much potential. At first I was looking at the (default) web version here on my phone and couldn't zoom in on the photos but after I switched to the web version I could see that even though the arms are formica covered, they seem to be made out of nice wood. I thought for sure they would be plywood. Are the legs bent or is that just a trick of photography? Lucky you, having such thoughtful folks!


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