Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage TV: What's My Line? Leading Ladies

I love game shows - it's always been a secret dream of mine to be on one. At the TN State Fair several years ago, I entered my name in a Wheel of Fortune raffle and my friend got chosen to go up on stage and play a short round that could qualify her to be on the show. She unfortunately didn't make it through that round, so maybe someday someone I know will get to be on a game show! (Well, I did go to high school with a Teen Jeopardy contestant and I do know a few people who have been on reality TV, but I'm still holding out for an honest-to-goodness cheesy game show!)

I started thinking about vintage game shows and how amazing they were. Growing up, I loved watching re-runs of What's My Line and similar panel-type game shows. If you're not familiar with the show, the panelists each ask questions to reveal a secret about their guest and they even had celebrity guests. The panelists can only get 10 questions wrong but they almost always discover who the guest is!

I dug up a few clips of my favorite leading ladies as mystery guests on What's My Line - enjoy!

Debbie Reynolds is brilliant and so beautiful - although this clip does show her at the beginning of her romance with Eddie Fisher and it's sad to see how happy she was, knowing how it would end.

Doris Day is absolutely charming in her very first TV appearance:

Lucille Ball invents her own hilarious language in this clip:

Carol Burnett is hilarious as always:

See Julie Andrews nearly stump the panel:

Aren't those so fun? I love vintage game shows! What's your favorite?

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  1. I vaguely remember this show. I don't know how the panel got any of these right. No wonder it was so successful.

  2. I do not remember these shows from my youth, but I do remember watching them with you years ago. I loved these shows. Apparently we don't get the gsn here in town.
    This was fun to watch. great post!
    ps I opened this during the early morning, but never got a chance to watch them all until tonight.

  3. oh gosh, i LOVE what's my line!
    AND my good friend valerie is going to be on wheel of fortune on the 26th!! I am SO EXCITED about it! she is hoping to win big to fund her and her husband's move to nashville!


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