Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Favorite Finds: Emerald's "Mad Men" Outfit

Before we get to today's awesome Favorite Find, I have a TV alert for you! Tonight, TLC's new show "My Crazy Obsession" features "Doris May Day," a young woman who lives as though she's in the 50s! She wears only vintage clothes (including undergarments!) and decorates with only vintage items, etc. The first half of the show profiles a very bizarre couple (who don't seem to be very family friendly, so beware), but I am excited to see her segment. She says she started living this way because she didn't like the way her peers dressed and behaved. From the preview I saw, she seems beautiful and classy. I can't wait to see more!

I found this week's Favorite Find by scouring Pinterest for pinners' favorite finds. (Sidenote: last week was the first "Favorite Finds" post I missed since I started the series on July 27th! It's not easy finding contributors each week - if you have a favorite find, email me!)

I stumbled across Emerald's "Mad Men" outfit and thought she and her outfit were so cute! I am not big on fashion blogs, but I immediately bookmarked her blog and I have loved scrolling through and seeing her adorable outfits. I love her style and I love that she wears pigtails (like me!).

I asked Emerald if she would share more about her adorable dress and shoes! She gives us details below!

What is your favorite find and where did you find it?

My favorite finds are my floral pumps and yellow dress.

What drew you to the dress and shoes? What were your first thoughts when you saw them?

When I saw the dress, I was drawn to the print. It may be difficult to tell in pictures, but it's actually has polka dots on them, which is a huge obsession of mine. Yellow is a tricky color for me so my first thought was, "I have to have you; please don't wash out my skin tone!"

When I saw the shoes, I was drawn but could not figure out exactly why since I have always played simple and safe with footwear. I was wanting to broaden my horizons and what better way than feminine pumps by Ralph Lauren?

What is your favorite memory in this dress?

My favorite memory was actually during the shoot for the dress. My photographer said, "You look amazing; that dress is so you."

How do those amazing shoes make you feel?

I feel so ladylike in those shoes, like they were my ticket into adulthood fashion or something. I bought them last year so you can imagine my joy that floral and bright pumps are so big right now.

What is your approach to style/fashion? How do you work vintage items into your wardrobe?

My approach: I like to dress for who I am. There are many trends that I adore and appreciate, but it's important for me to look comfortable and classic with what I wear. Self-discovery and fashion go hand in hand so when I try to embrace the essence of romantic, feminine looks that do not appear too refined.

While I do not have the eye to see if something is truly "vintage," I think it's wise to bring vintage piece into present day. I don't go for full-on vintage outfits, but try to pair vintage pieces with modern trends.

Why do you love buying secondhand/vintage?

I love buying secondhand/vintage/thrifted clothing because it makes the most sense. First of all, fashion is always recycled in some way, so why spend ridiculous amounts of money. I like to buy what I want to wear and not because a department store is telling me what to buy. You also are way less likely to be seen wearing the exact same thing as someone else!

Thanks so much to Emerald for contributing to Favorite Finds! Be sure to check out Emerald's blog, Sunday Crossbow for tons more outfit inspiration!

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  1. Beautiful outfit and those shoes - oh my! sweet!

    I wish that we still had cable but I bet I can find that show online or something. They always do seem to feature at least one person that makes you wanna cover your face for a bit but this girl sounds really great.

  2. Great dress and shoes Emerald! I'm not usually a "yellow" girl, but that yellow is so spring(y)
    I love the addition of the red belt!
    great photos

  3. what a beautiful dress! i love it!
    i hope i can find that episode online! she sounds incredible!


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