Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Owl Really: March New Additions

I got all out of order with taking photos and adding items to the booth! Last week was pretty hectic and I never had a chance to take photos before hustling new merchandise to the booth. March is not going as well as Dec-Feb, so I wanted to make sure to stock up so there would be lots for potential shoppers to check out. Because I was in a rush, I had to take photos as I placed the items in my booth instead of taking pretty "thrift report" pictures. Blah blah blah, here are the photos!

New tea pots and such! I found a great set of a tea pot, sugar pot, creamer, and 4 teacups! Adorable! Also 4 gold rimmed glasses and the owls you saw last week. The ubiquitous mushroom container, a white & yellow pitcher, and a cute juice pitcher. (You've seen some of these before!)

A detail shot on the brass cart - I love it so much but have no room or need for it at our house! I have tried to slightly stage it so shoppers can get a sense of using it in their own home! And then just some overall shots of some of my favorite items.

Come shop! Help out Owl Really in March. Take some tax-season-stress off by picking up a little trinket for yourself or someone you love. :) 654 Wedgewood Avenue, Nashville TN.

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  1. jamie-everything looks so cute! I LOVE that cart. I'm so glad you decided to get it. It looks really sweet being staged. :)

  2. that cart looks so great! you staged is very well! i wish i had a spot for it in MY house!

  3. I have that floral teapot set! I was so excited when I saw it on your blog. It is one of my favorite vintage finds. I found it in a thrift shop years ago!
    Here is a link where you can see it: http://mymodstyle.blogspot.com/2012/02/wrapping-paper-bookcase-backdrop.html

    I would love to shop in your booth! It's just to far away! lol


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