Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fun: Car Woes and Rivers & Roads

Thank you so much to everyone who left such kind and encouraging comments on yesterday's post! It warms my heart to see that our own tough experiences can offer encouragement to people. I received an email from a friend who recently went through a traumatic highway accident and she is still working through PTSD. The fact that I made it through a wreck similar to hers helped her feel encouraged that she won't suffer anxiety forever. I am so glad that God uses our stories to speak to others!

The ironic thing about the 10 year anniversary is that Wednesday is the day the car I've been driving the past 10 years decided to give up! It stalled twice on me and proved to be generally unreliable. We left it parked at my office which meant I was car-less on the 10th anniversary. Very strange!

We went car shopping last night (we had planned to do that in March anyway, thanks to our tax refund and the fact that my car shakes when it starts) and found a 2011 Versa hatchback that we really like. It had just arrived on the lot so they hadn't priced it yet - I'm hoping it comes in under the max we've set for our car purchase and that we can snatch it up tomorrow so I can still go to Louisville this weekend to see my mom for her birthday! We should get a call from the salesman around 10am with the price. Here's hoping!!

I don't have anything vintage-inspired for this Friday Fun - to be honest, it's been a challenging week and I haven't gotten my stuff together for the blog. Hopefully I will be back next week in full effect with lots of new finds from Louisville (please please please!) and a new Joey's Mom post, etc.

I'm going to leave you with a video of one of my favorite bands playing one of my favorite songs. I first heard of The Head And The Heart on a podcast I listen to out of Seattle called TBTL and loved them instantly. I thought I had discovered a little gem, a band that I could love and listen to and not be trendy by liking them. Then I realized that they're a very trendy band to like and very hipster-y. OH well. I still love them! Their album really helps me get focused and be productive. It gets me in the zone when I'm feeling overwhelmed!

The below song is called "Rivers and Roads" and I love the emotion behind it. I most often respond to the feeling of a song rather than the lyrics and this is definitely a "feeling" song for me! I love how it swells up toward the middle/end. Enjoy!

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  1. Hoping all goes well with the car hunt! Hoping to see you tomorrow, but if not-all is good!

  2. LOVE The Head and the Heart!! Going to see them later this month and can't wait! :)

  3. ugh, i'm glad you guys were already planning on getting a new car. mine died on me last year and we WEREN'T expecting to buy one so soon and it was a really bummer. I hope you can get the versa! i love those!

  4. i love the head and the heart! are you going to their show in a few weeks at the cannery? our wedding video trailer is to their song "down in the valley". here it is if ur interested :)


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