Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrift Report: Louisville Edition

Happy Monday, everyone!

A few updates- I'm back from Louisville which means, drumroll please - we got me a car! Yay! There is a Nissan plant and Nissan corporate headquarters outside of Nashville, so we were able to get a great deal on a Versa. I understand that a lot of people are adamant about buying American, but we were concentrating on finding something that worked for us (our budget, our needs, gas mileage, reliability, etc) and helped our immediate community. We have family that works at Nissan, so we feel ok about our decision to buy something that supports a company that has brought so many jobs to middle Tennessee. I know not everyone agrees with our decision, but please respect that we have family that works for Nissan and we wanted to support them.

I was able to drive home Saturday to celebrate my mom's birthday with her. I love helping her with her blog and giving her blog-related gifts, so this year I had her header re-designed/coded to a drop down menu. Check it out! The designer I hired is great - Amy did an amazing job and is really affordable - if you have any blog work needed (design or coding), please shoot her an email and tell her I sent you!

My mom and I squeezed some great shopping into our very short weekend together! Below is just part of my thrift haul from the weekend - I only had about an hour of daylight once I got back to Nashville so I had to move quickly and a lot of items need cleaning up before I take photos! So, here goes!

Love this teal lamp! I honestly don't know if it works. I was so frantic today that I didn't have a chance to check. I put it in my booth so I'm hoping it does work. Woops. :) I also love the brass cart I snagged! It's in really great condition! Also got a very Anthropologie-esque owl earring holder and spoon rest, some cute scarves, a souvenir Tennessee plate, a cute juice pitcher, and a really cute small table! Oh, and a print of a "big eye" boy with a guitar and a dirty mustard planter that is currently soaking!

I'll post more finds from the weekend later on! I found some really cute tea sets and such.

Did you find good stuff this weekend??

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  1. I got a really neat headboard, made out of some sort of metal. :) Wasn't my fav, but someone talked me into it.
    It was such a fun weekend, loved having you home to celebrate my birthday. The thrifting was an added bonus!
    love you!

  2. Love the lamp! And the cart!!!

  3. Super finds. I had that old big eyed print in my room as a kid. I think the grocery store gave them away as a promo gift. Fun to see it again.

  4. Jamie, So glad the car worked out for you guys! do you have another picture of the juice container? Can you tell me colours and price? I kinda really like it! I know you said it is in your booth, but I am totally not familiar with where your booth is, etc.

  5. totally love the 3 owl bits. and the cart thinger...and the color of the lamp is awesome!

  6. Love the lamp - hope it works!

  7. Owls! Those owls are cute! I love the lamp, too, and the cart.

  8. So excited to read that you got the new car! I got one about a year ago and isn't it *the best* feeling to know you have a car that is reliable and you never have to worry about? It was for me! Looks like you found some great pieces in Louisville!
    (formerly Spunky Chateau)

  9. Where did you thrift in Louisville? I am headed there in two weeks, and would love to spend some time thrifting.

  10. I don't think you should have to explain your reasoning about buying a new car to anyone. With so many foreign car companies manufacturing cars in the US, their cars are essentially American made with American laborers benefiting by having jobs. I'm glad you got to spend a lovely and from the looks of your haul, productive day with your mom.

  11. I'm visiting from My Repurposed Life (one of my favorites blogs-Gail is amazing). In my mind, you did buy an American car-it was made in America. Love all the treasures you found.

  12. Thanks everyone for your awesome comments! Wendy - we went to Vendors Village and The Dixie Trading Post on Dixie Hwy and Tickled Pink on Taylor Blvd.

  13. That brass cart is very cool. And I had looked at an Ohio tray very similar to the Tennessee one you bought.

  14. Totally get the car thing. My husband is in his 23rd year at the Honda plant here in Ontario. That plant has provided many high paying jobs to this part of our province. Honda is a good company whose cars last and hold their value. These jobs are here in North America, so why not support companies like Nissan, Honda or Toyota.

    I feel sad that you really felt you had to justify your choice of cars. Drive what you want...and ignore the naysayers.

  15. Hi there Jamie

    Love your moms blog and came here from there to see what you came away with... love your finds and hope you find good homes for them - whether that's with you or elsewhere!!

    Here in the UK, no one would think twice about buying a car then justifying to anyone about your choice - and we have cars still manufactured here (albeit in single numbers I expect)... Surely as long as the car goes from A-B, is roadworthy, reliable and economical for YOU to run - who cares what anyone else thinks. We have just gotten rid of what you would call a 'truck' (I think) - a Mitsubishi Animal L200 because we oursleves couldn't really afford to keep it - we are a two car family. My other was a BMW - but I changed that too for a smaller car - no one bats an eyelid here. At the end of the day, we pay for them so we have what we want. Hopefully you should learn not to listen or be bothered about what others may be thinking... then again -they may not be at all!!!

    As long as you are happy with your lot, so be it - no one pays your petrol or your outgoings, so no one gets a say then eh?

    Sorry - is it me being british, or just you worrying too much what others think. I can see you are a consciencious person who is thoughtful of others - but so am I, it's just things like that perhaps bother people less than you might think. Hope you don't mind me saying - I was just shocked at you thinking you had to justify your choices when you don't have to. Well, not about a car anyway!!! I'm sure its not a gas guzzling, ozone-layer damaging beast when all said!!! lol.

    Anyway, nice that you spent time with your mum for her Birthday and got to indulge in what you both clearly have a shared passion in. Fab!

    Paula (UK) xxx


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