Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fun: Shamrocks rock!

My junior year of college, my mom gave me a little planted shamrock plant. I was really obsessed with my Irish heritage at the time and loved having a little bit of green in my room. I lovingly took care of my little shamrocks and brought them home over the summer, back to college, back home, and then to Nashville where guess what - they are still alive. It's true - I have kept a plant alive for EIGHT years!

These little guys must be indestructible because I certainly do not have a green thumb! I met a woman once who said she had the same shamrock plant for 30+ years - amazing! They are the perfect little houseplant and kitchen sink adornment.

I recently re-potted them in miracle gro potting soil and I've been using a miracle gro supplement every time I water and they have flourished! They look a little saggy in the photo because it was so gloomy outside. Did you know that shamrock leaves close up at night and re-open in the day? It can be a little freaky - like they have a mind of their own! When it's not very sunny, they droop a little and don't open up much.

But the really exciting part is that my plant is going to bloom for the first time in years!!! I have the beginnings of 2 little white flowers! I water my plants on Saturdays so I'm hoping that after tomorrow's boost of miracle gro, the flowers will open right up!

If you can get your hands on some shamrocks, I highly recommend them! I kill just about every plant I come in contact with (including hardy cactuses!) and these have lasted for so long and are still going strong. We have re-potted them a few times (whenever the soil starts looking really dry and yucky) and now that I'm using the supplement, I think they will continue to grow every stronger!

PS - Happy St. Patrick's day!

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  1. what a great post! I'm so happy those sweet little shamrocks have hung in there! They look soooo cute!

  2. I have the same problem as you. I kill any plant I try to keep. I once killed a cactus. It dried out! (What the heck?!)

  3. Totally killed my shamrock! HELP!

  4. ooo i might get one to try. i have killed every plant i've tried to keep, but maybe i can do a shamrock! i think we have them at whole foods.

  5. My Grandma gave me a shamrock years ago, and I kept it alive through moves and toddlers....I miss it! I won't go into the tragic ending, but it is enough to say I am plant-less at the moment.

  6. Never heard of the plant before. Hmmm I wonder if they sell them in CA? Noticed your header righ away! Cute.


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