Monday, March 19, 2012

Thrift Report: Estate Finds!

You know you're busy when the only chance you have to take photos of your finds is as they're being packed into your car!

On Thursday, I headed to an estate sale before work. I was laaaate in line and boy was there a line! The best part was that I finally got to meet Rae! She took photos inside the estate sale and posted about it - check out her recap here!

I didn't really do my research on this sale - it was a little bit of a last minute decision to go - so I didn't know what to expect. Most people were disappointed by it. I found a few things - a nice suitcase (that I now realize smells - I couldn't tell down in the basement of the house! I'm hoping febreze and stuffing newspaper inside helps!), a uniquely-sized file drawer, a really funny KY bumper sticker (OH! Kentucky. You'll come to love it.), an accordion hanger (I like to hang my aprons from accordion hangers in my booth), and a hot plate - is what what you call them? I really like these plug-in 60s warmers. I will re-sell it (it would be perfect for tailgating) so maybe I will hang onto it for the fall.

Another item I will be holding onto for later this year:

I definitely have a weakness for vintage ceramic Christmas trees and I've never seen one like this - it's "flat" - it looks like it's meant to be part of a scene. I love it!

In other news - this is what our dining room table looked like most of the weekend:

This was a really great "weekendy" weekend. For so long after we got Lucy, I felt like I never left the house and I was beginning to get stir-crazy. This weekend was a great blend of Andy-time, family time, friend time, and Jamie-time. Friday night, Andy and I started putting together a new Lego set (more on that later!). Saturday, I got my hair done and then hung out with girlfriends for hours - and it had been so long since I had done that! I sewed a lot this weekend, too. I made a few of these dresses (short versions - more on those later, too!). Sunday, we spent time with Andy's whole family to celebrate his cousin Matt who is heading to Afghanistan soon to be a journalist for the military. (He has already served 3 tour of duties overseas and has been back for a few years and now is going back to be a journalist. Incredible!)

We took Lucy over to aunt Belinda's and she played with one of their pups for awhile and she has been so sleepy ever since. I love seeing her play with other dogs! She has only played twice but both times, she had so much fun - and everyone loves her!

I hope you had a "weekendy" weekend too!!

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  1. Love the suitcase. Can't resist those!

  2. aww, such a fun weekend! Looks like you got some cool stuff!
    My recommendation would have been to set that suitcase in the sun over the weekend. :)
    fun leggos! Anxious to see your sewing projects.
    Please give my best to Matt! how awesome!

  3. i'm so glad you got that bumper sticker!!! i was thinking about it later. i loved that little file thing too! and that hot plate! I meant to go back on saturday to see if there was anything else cool left for better prices. but i was toooo lazy.
    i'm so glad i got to finally meet you!

  4. Your new header is so cute! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend and got some great stuff too. That hot plate is beautiful.

  5. Hmmm...we seem to have the same weekend tablescape going on. Love your finds.

  6. oooh! Good stuff! My dad used to have a suitcase just like that one. He stopped using it when my brother wrote his name on the side in yellow crayon.
    I wonder where it is now?


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