Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Lego Life

Well, I never really thought I'd say this, but: I played with legos this weekend and I liked it. :)

Andy collects special lego sets - mostly the Architecture series. He told me about a series of lego modular buildings in which they all connect and look like rowhouses. He won me over when I pretended that they were a block in Brooklyn and that we could pretend we lived there. He had enough lego points to get some sets for free so he ordered them up and the first set arrived last week.

I put together the brownstone and he put together the pet shop. Gotta admit, I was envious when I saw the cute things he got to put together for the pet shop and the loft above it. Apparently the brownstone has someone moving in - the second floor has mysterious accessories and the third floor just has legos that are meant to be cardboard boxes! Kinda strange!

BUT, it was really fun to put them together with each other and then take photos of "us" in the buildings. Our friend Emily gave us lego mini-figs that resembled us for our wedding so we've built a hybrid version of us for "normal" lego life in these buidlings.

I love the details - the doors all open and some of the windows do too. There are flowers everywhere and cute surprises like dog bones and letters you can stick in the mailboxes.

It was fun! We are getting the "Grand Emporium" next and it's a huge corner shop that I'm definitely going to research first before choosing which floor I want to make. :) I don't want to miss out on putting together cute things and I definitely don't want to put together empty floors like the brownstone!

Are you a lego fan? Have you ever been surprised by enjoying your significant other's hobby?? I liked it so much more than I expected to!

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  1. I haven't played with Lego's since I was a child, but I can see how it would be fun. The pictures you took are so cute! I think it's great that you can enjoy the hobby together now.

  2. I love your sets! I think that looks like tons of fun-especially with your personal figures to play in your creations!

  3. how cute! I love 'em both. I think it's great that you enjoyed doing this. It surprises me too. :)
    I suppose y'all leave them put together? Was it difficult to follow the directions? I think I'd be clueless.

  4. Oh and the Nashville Lego store opens in a few weeks so we'll be able to pick up even more accessories for our rowhouses and new clothes for us - although andy will probably stay in overalls since he loves to wear them in real life. :)

  5. i always loved putting together legos when i was a kid. i just had one small pirate set, and would put it together over and over! those row houses are so cool! what a fun thing to do together!

  6. Wow! I love it! It looks so fun and I love how you staged everything! Super cute! Who knew Legos have improved so much! thanks for sharing, I'm excited to see what you guys make next! You're people look just like you two! I can't get over it. :)

  7. I clicked over to see your blog from My Repurposed Life and was pleasantly surprised to find this article about Legos. Now I'm off to find one of these Architectural sets for myself...er, I mean my kids.

    Thought you (or Andy) might like to know that I have a couple Lego style items (a coat rack and a Lego style lamp)in my Etsy shop - Happywood Goods that you might like. happywoodgoods.etsy.com

  8. I never played with Lego when I was a kid, but that's pretty much all my husband had by wya of toys so needless to say, he was THRILLED when our 5 year old daughter started showing an interest.

    One thing, though: Lego sets are expensive! Holy cow! I never thought little blocks of plastic would be so pricey.

  9. Those are awesome! Where did you find the sets? I looked around on the Lego website and didn't see them (admittedly there is a ton of things on there) My husband would really dig those!

  10. Tracie - cool stuff in your etsy shop! And Lindsey - I KNOW right? Andy has invested a lot in his Lego collection - our plan is to keep these in good condition (packed away soon) and re-sell them in several years... they are limited edition so they will be worth $$!1

    Jen - I couldn't find them on the Lego site either. The only thing I know is that Andy says they're the "modular" sets. Maybe searching that keyword will help you?

  11. Thanks, I found them :) So great, and my hubs is an Andy too :)


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