Monday, April 2, 2012

Chair Recovering: Choosing a Fabric?

We got our dining room table off Craigslist in January and I love love love it - it gives us so much more room. The only thing I don't love is the fabric. Here's a refresher:

You might not be able to see, but it is a very 80s fabric and I am on the hunt for something that coordinates with the curtains, table runner, and planter (not pictured above). I feel like the table runner and curtains coordinate really well and the planter fits right in, so I aimed for fabrics similar to the planter (and then others that I thought might work). I'm not really loving any of them together - although I do love the mustard-y blossom fabric in general a LOT.

(Let's call them [clockwise] mustardy blossoms, yellow vintage curtain fabric, mod green leaves, blue/green damask, and green splotchy leaves)

Here's a close-up of the curtains:

Here's a different angle of the various items I want to coordinate with:

And, the planter that I love:

So... what do you think? I don't really want to do a solid... but I'm not sure how best to mix patterns and I'm not really sure which direction to go! I'm open to other suggestions as long as they're affordable (under $10 a yard). Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. I'm no help at all with matching. You could use the curtains that are currently hanging, then find something else to use there. (perhaps a solid?) I dunno--grasping at straws here. I sure hope someone has a great idea to help ya out!

  2. I'm crazy about the mustardy blossom! What a cute pattern. All the colors there seem like they go with the other items you mentioned, and if they don't coordinate enough, you could always do some really matchy-blue tablemats to make up for it when people come over for dinner.

  3. The mustardy blossom is the closest of those 4 options I think. It's really pretty.
    I think you since you have a lot of floral/organic patterns in there already a nice geometric pattern would be a fun way to add more pattern.
    Here are some that I found that hopefully can inspire you! I think my taste skews more modern than vintage though ;)

  4. valentine - you found some great ones! i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the herringbone but i'm afraid it might be too aqua. i searched that designer though, and found these mustard-y trees!!! how much do i love these?!?!?!?

  5. YELLOW WOODGRAIN? i think my heart just skipped about 10 beats.

  6. I'm with valentine...........go GEOMETRIC to oppose the florals. I like the woodgrain too!

  7. Well in my humble opinion I would go with a solid green. That would be very mid-century modern. Or the second option would be to go with a geometric like Valentine said.

    Or something geometric like this one {I know it isn't within your price range but you can look for something similar}

  8. I think you are right about the herringbone, it's pretty aqua in real life. I made curtains for our nursery with it, I just fell in love with that pattern.
    The yellow wood grain is gorgeous too, I've been eyeing that one as well. I'm liking the idea of a yellow, that way you wouldn't have to worry about clashing and you could bring in a harmonious color. (and all the ones you like are yellow!haha)
    Good luck!!!

  9. I love the mod green leaves & blue green damask. Whatever you choose I'm sure it will look fabulous.

  10. i like the mustard! but i'm terrible at matching. nothing in my house matches.

  11. I agree, I would go with something other than floral. Also you have lots of green going on, a contrasting color would be nice. I love the mustard too, perhaps a geometric mustard would work out well. :)


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