Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fun: Lennon's Apartment

NBC premiered a new show last week called Best Friends Forever about two best friends (Lennon and Jess) who lived in an amazing apartment in New York until Jess got married and moved cross country. When her husband files for divorce three years later, she treks back to New York and moves back into the old apartment. The only hitch in the plan is that 11 months earlier, Lennon's boyfriend had moved in with her.

The trio are now learning to navigate how to live together in this amazing apartment. Did I mention the apartment is amazing? Because it is.

Let's start with the outside. How perfect is this row of brownstones (are these considered brownstones?)?

By day:

And by night:

Do you suppose they live in Brooklyn??? (Actually, looking at the 2 photos, those look like different apartments!)

When the show returned from the opening credits, we saw establishing shots of the interior of Lennon's apartment and I was instantly in love.

Click the photo to see it larger.

This reminds me a little of Amelie's decor - maybe it's just the slight green tint that reminds me of that but also I think the sconce and the whimsical prints. I love the collage and the wallpaper and the plants peeking out!

Click the photo to see it larger.

Little red (or pink?) fawns! Do you suppose they're salt and pepper shakers? So adorable! And I love the potholders and the cubby shelf!

Then we see Lennon and Jess pow-wowing on the couch while the awkward (but loveable) boyfriend meddles.

Here are some more shots of the living room, by day:

Love the wooden file drawer piece and those 2 teal trunks!

Click this one to see it larger!

A globe on an industrial stool?? Love it.

Plants!!! Love them. Do you really think this many plants would survive in an apartment away from windows? I want plants everywhere after seeing her place.

Now let's peek into the dining room and kitchen.

This point of view skews a little country for me, but check out the rest:

Love the wallpaper, curtains, and the silhouettes!

Love the hutch - want to see it better - it looks like it might be midcentury modern!!

More plants! Click this one to see it larger too! Really like the light fixture peeking out from the ceiling.

And then we got a quick scene in Lennon and Joe's bedroom:

Both actresses/show creators were part of the improv comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade and use their own names in the show. It almost wouldn't surprise me if this was REALLY Lennon's apartment and they were filming on location! Do shows ever do that? Probably not!

I've only seen the first episode so far, but I found the story and characters really entertaining and of course I loved the decorating eye candy!

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  1. great post jamie! :)
    That apt seems to be right out of blogland. Or is blogand right out of decor magazines... the two blur I suppose.
    I, of course LOVE the kitchen. I wish I had watched it. Perhaps it will rerun this weekend as shows sometimes do.

  2. I love it, too. ^ and just agree with all the comment up^


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