Monday, April 16, 2012

Thrift Report: Extravaganza!

Andy headed out of town for a guy's weekend so I made plans to shop allll day long! I was so excited and planned out everywhere I would go and had a 6 page google map printout! No joke!

My first few stops were very disappointing, but everything picked up when I stopped by a yard sale of a vendor who was downsizing her stock. I got some AMAZING deals from her! A few I haven't had a chance to photograph yet, woops!

But here are tons of photos of things I found! I really needed this trip - I haven't had time to shop lately and my booth felt stagnant.

Below you can see some cute kitchen curtains, a tin full of sewing notions, an owl oven mitt, various cooking booklets, a Betty Crocker cookbook, coffee carafe, owl wall hanging, and a cute little camera~

I found this AMAZING vintage fan at an estate sale - and it works! I also picked up some scarves, some shiny-brite ornaments, and vintage games... including MARY POPPINS games.

Oh and can you see the teal suitcase behind everything? Love it!

I almost cried when I saw the Mary Poppins games. I love Mary Poppins so much- I can't even express how special she is to me! One of the boxes had a "painting" set but was missing all but one coloring sheet, so sad. The other game though, was near mint! It's based on the carousel scene in Mary Poppins and is so beautiful!

I'm so in love with it!

I also am always on the hunt for Christmas items for later this year and at an estate sale I scored a giant box of ornaments for only $1 and a ceramic Santa - you know I love ceramics! Also picked up a smaller ceramic Christmas tree. Yay!

And then I went to a yard sale that had tons of vintage kids' clothes! So far, vintage kids' clothes hasn't done well in my booth - I probably need to find a better way to display them... but check these out!

The first 2 are my favorites - a yellow dress with little foxes embroidered on it and a super cute anchor halter dress! ADORABLE.

And more cute clothes - I love the little embroidery designs on the boys' shirts - one had a little elephant and one has a little teepee!

Even though it started off roughly, the day was super successful and I have already loaded everything in to my booth (minus the Christmas items!).

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  1. SHINY BRITES AND SUITCASES!!!!!!!!! What a haul!!!

  2. You wracked up! Wow, at the great stuff! Yay!! for Jamie Day!

  3. oh man! i saw a tin just like the one in the first picture at music cit thrift last week, but ended up putting it back. it is so cute! and i love that owl oven mitt! that mary poppins game is amazing! so so pretty! And that fox dress! If I had a kid, I would be in TROUBLE because I would have to have that!

    did you go to the crieve hall sale of the person that had been a dealer? i wanted too but didn't have time before I went out of town.

  4. I need to take more "jamie days" i think!! :)

    Rae - I didn't make it to Crieve Hall which is sad because I wanted to go check it out since it was Family Tree (right?). I went on a mission through East and Goodlettsville on Saturday!

  5. SCORE! great stuff jamie... btw you'll have me humming that song all DAY!
    I'm glad you took a "jamie" day. It really paid off. Love that fan.

  6. Those kids outfits are so awesome! The games are just beautiful and I love the sewing notions in too. What is that owl in the first picture? He's so cute!

  7. he's an oven mitt! adorable, huh? :)

  8. What a fun time you had! Thanks for the memories- I had the Mary Poppins game. I totally forgot about that until I saw the box again.

  9. I totally have (and use) that Betty Crocker cook book! Lol

  10. Not one, but TWO Mary Poppins games? Amazing! I LOVE MP--dressed up as her a few years ago for Halloween and I have the cutest MP shirt from Dear Lillie. And I love that little dress with the fox on it! Great finds.

  11. Awww! The Mary Poppins game is cute!


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