Monday, April 9, 2012

Thrift Report: Bags and Frames and Linens!

I had some time to swing by Goodwill this week and picked up some items for the booth! Two cool frames, a multi-colored woven belt, assorted handbags, a carry-on brown bag, and a blue suitcase! Plus, assorted scarves/hankies, and some awesome yellow curtains!

Everything will be headed to the booth later this week!

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  1. NICE FRAMES!!!!!!!! How do you part with the things you find? I am so bad at that.

  2. Ooh! and Ooh! Can you tell me more about the yellow bag? Is that a purse or a carry-on? Looks like it might be small though?

  3. wow, lots of great stuff! Love that big ole frame!


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