Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thirty Before 30 Update #4

With less than 3 weeks until my 30th birthday, I am checking in on my Thirty Before 30 list! Somehow, when I originally created this list, I mis-numbered items and therefore there are not actually 30 items - woops!

Also, lots of my priorities shifted over the year and it's interesting to see that! The items that are in red are the ones that are no longer an option or priority.

You'll also notice the theme of "I need to blog about it!" below. I guess I better start taking photos so I can blog about these projects before May 29!


1. Buy a new couch - This has moved to a lower priority until Lucy is out of her puppy stage, although she has not tried to destroy our current couch yet, so maybe she would be okay with a new one... but, better safe than sorry.
2. Get the attic (craft space & guest room) organized - The attic gets organized, then gets trashed again, then gets organized. It is almost always "in progress" but it is fairly organized, I just need to put things away! And then I'll take photos and blog about it!
3. Change up dining room wall decor - I have done 2 of the 3 walls and I still don't know what to do where the mirror and sconces are. It's a little fancy for my current taste but the mirror was a gift so I don't want to get rid of it or anything... still figuring this out.
4. Redecorate above the couch - I did it! I just need to blog about it!
5. Get shelves for living room and redecorate the inside the door space - I did it! And it looks GOOD! I just need to blog about it!! :)
6. Hang the "Y"s I've been collecting - Added the yellow Y to the kitchen and the cream one to the dining room. Just need to blog about it! :)
7. Get (and keep alive) more plants - I love all my plants! I need to blog about them! :)
8. Go through my old CDs and figure out what to keep/import/sell/etc
9. Get a canvas print of the "Believe" sign at the church where we were married  
10. Organize garage - We still really need to do this!


1. Get our wedding photo booth photos printed for our guestbook  
2. Finish wedding thank you notes
3. Be more intentional in my friendships
- this one is hard to quantify, so I'm leaving it up here as a reminder to initiate hanging out with friends!
4. (woops)
5. Get our wedding featured on a wedding blog - Thank you Ashley's Bride Guide!
6. Make a meal plan/menu with Andy - After talking about it, we're not really going to do this.
7. Learn how to arrange flowers properly
- I am hoping to get over to the big flower shop to pick out some individual flowers and try my hand at arranging. I have read books and blogs on arranging, now I just need to put what I've learned into practice!
9. Edit a video of our honeymoon roadtrip
- sheesh, I need to do this!
10. Watch all the seasons of Mad Men - We finished the first 4 seasons finally! Now we just need to catch up on Season 5 so far!
11. Take a trip with Andy - Seattle!
12. See a play/musical - We saw our friend Jason in The Complete Works of Shakespeare, we saw Mary Poppins on stage, and we saw an adaptation of CS Lewis' The Screwtape Letters!
13. Ride our bikes this fall and next spring - we have been really really bad about this!


1. Put an item on consignment in a local vintage shop
- not going to do this now that I have a booth
2. Succeed with booth at TN Antique Mall
- The booth has gone really well and while April was a bad month, I think overall, my booth is doing well!
3. Go to an auction
Make postcards for my business to leave at the booth
5. Do a fabric bouquet tutorial on my blog
6. Grow my blog to 75 followers and 75 subscribers - Oh my goodness, you guys. Thank you so much for subscribing! I have 170 GFC followers and 255 Feedburner subscribers!!
7. Do another flea market (maybe even organize one?) - This one is also not going to happen since I don't have the inventory to set up at a flea market AND have my booth.

All in all, it was really nice to have a list to work through and goals to attain. I'm not sure if I'll do a list of "31 before 31" because these were all pretty mundane items...and I can't really think of what I want to accomplish in the next year.

I have big goals and dreams but I don't want to place time constraints on them and I also want to keep myself open to spontaneity and honestly, God's plan for me. I think this list helped me be more intentional in what I do and I think I would just like to live more intentionally, rather than by a list.

Are you working through a list of goals? I would love to read about it- leave a comment with your link if you're blogging about it!

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  1. you did great! what kind of auction did you go to? did you like it? i have been wanting to go to one but i'm a little scared!

  2. you know a few years ago... you did that 43 things.... I only put a few on my list and I think I may have done it all, and then some. Blogging has changed my life and taken me places I never dreamed. It has also opened me up to many new cherished friendships. blogging is good. so glad we speak the same language now.
    lists make good goals... but if we don't cross everything off, it's no biggie!


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