Monday, May 7, 2012

Thrift Report: Estate Scores!

Rae texted me Thursday to let me know that there was an amazing estate sale happening a little bit outside of town. I wasn't sure if I would have time to go, but luckily, I was able to go - about an hour before the sale closed and amazingly, there was still a GREAT selection!

I picked up some fun potholders and a cute pink & white accordion pleated pillow that will all go to the booth. But, two of my favorite finds were a Viewmaster Projector and a white task lamp. The projector was the first item I discovered - apparently, there were a ton of viewmaster slides but a local news anchor bought them just a few hours before me! I'm so glad she didn't see the projector! I LOVE IT. It works and is so, so cute. And the white lamp is in great condition and it also works! I picked up a bag of little figurines that included 2 fawns and a little squirrel that will all go in terrariums or in potted plants. Love this stuff!


They also had a ton of vintage Christmas. I got a LOT - a box full of vintage ornaments and then 2 fun retro Santas.


I am so, so glad I stopped. I also bought some faux bois metal shelves that I'm not quite sure what I'll do with yet!

Funnily enough, I ran into Rae when I was leaving! She has stopped by everyday and said on the first day, it was unbelievable how much great stuff there was. I'm sad that I couldn't make it then, but very happy with my finds!!

What did YOU find this weekend???

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  1. That pillow!!!!!!!!! OHHHHH!!!!!!!

  2. such a good haul! i loved that pillow but it doesn't really go with my couch at all or i would have picked it up! I loved those glitter santa's too! There are a few other good looking sales this weekend. I won't be able to go out until friday but i'm so excited that sales have been so good lately!

  3. Dang. I didn't find anything. Looks like I was in the wrong place! Glad y'all found such great stuff though. That little projector is amazing! And I love the pillow.

  4. it all makes me smile! especially those jolly santas! :) too cute!


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