Thursday, May 3, 2012

Worn out AKA Kitchen Updates

I hate to miss a Joey's Mom post today, but it's just been one of those weeks!

Actually, make that 2 weeks!

Last Sunday and Monday, we emptied out our kitchen in preparation for a few updates. We had some broken tiles that we needed replaced and the kitchen walls were textured plaster that was just so, so ugly and I was so, so over them. The kitchen is the one room in the house that I have never done anything to! I just put up with it because it was small and tricky and I thought I might just have to live with it.

Well, we don't want to stay in this house forever, so I figured I should start getting small projects done here and there so that it's not a huge ordeal when we put the house up someday.

The guy who is doing the work does it on the side, so we're at the mercy of his life and schedule... and therefore we're into week 2 of not having a proper kitchen and not being able to use the dining room and also having our microwave cart sit in front of our front door.

Not ideal, especially for someone who is an OCD cleaner. On Saturday, I felt so incredibly restless because I couldn't clean the kitchen and dining room!

Here are photos - BEWARE - what you see might shock you. :) (I'm so tired I didn't even edit them - I normally don't post anything without tweaking, but like I said, it's been one of those weeks!)

Our messy kitchen before:



Very, very messy... woops! You wouldn't know that I'm OCD about cleaning, would you??

Check out this texture:


The result of moving everything out of the kitchen:


Oh boy.

The window that I so foolishly decided to strip 60 years of paint accumulation off of... big project, big mistake.


The kitchen in progress:



It will hopefully be done tonight. Hopefully. We've heard that before, unfortunately. I'm trying to be positive but my patience is a little worn from the past few weeks of craziness!

I can't wait for it to be finished and to get our kitchen shiny and streamlined and THEN show you photos!! Stay tuned!!! 

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  1. Been there! The end result will have you forgetting these weeks of no fun!

    So excited for you!

  2. I once had to host my sister's baby shower with a bucket under my kitchen sink instead of plumbing. It was a project that was set to be finished well before the party, but as things always go, there were a few snags along the way. The party was a blast and everyone thought I was just being nice when I said don't worry about washing the dishes!

  3. ohhh, these are the times when I wish I were closer. :) I'd have that window done for you in no time... but honestly, I may have just torn out the frame and put in a new one...
    I sure hope it's done pronto!!!

  4. Oh gosh, I feel for you! There is nothing worse than having to live in the middle of renovation. It really can make a person feel like you're losing your mind. We're getting ready to have our entire hall and foyer mudded and sanded and I'm living in fear of that fine white dust that will come through every crack of every door and bit of plastic sheeting to completely ruin my life and home. Hang in there..there is light on the other side.

  5. we have that textured plaster in our kitchen too but our walls are like a gray color We rent so no changing that

  6. I think stripping paint just might belong in one of the 7 circles of hell. Seriously. It's such an icky job.
    But when your kitchen is done, you'll forget all the pain and just enjoy the new look.


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