Friday, May 18, 2012

Unconventional Shopping :)

You know I love a good deal and I love how easy it can be to find amazing deals online!

Van from ThriftCore has space in her local antique mall, but she also sells via her blog and Facebook! It's fun to follow her feed and see what she has for sale every day!

A few weeks ago, she posted a light that I thought would make a great gift for Andy! I like to buy gifts in advance but the problem is that I am my mother's child and I can NOT hold onto a gift once I have it... I have to give it right away!

So, the light came and I excitedly opened the box and presented Andy with the bubble-wrapped package and gave him what I intended to be his birthday present approximately 2.5 months early. :)


It's so cool! He hung it up in his office right away. It lights up and looks great!

And I loved the note and drawing she included in the package!


Be sure to check out ThriftCore for lots of tips on thrifting, antique booths, and fun DIYs!

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  1. hey---I'm pretty happy about you being your mother's daughter! :)
    great sign, LOVE that drawing van included! That's worthy of framing! :)

  2. i've bought a few things from her too. she always gives great deals!

  3. What what a cool find! I will have to check out Thriftcore's goodies.

    Great to meet you at the blogging event this week!

    What Lola Wants

  4. Cool! I'm the same way~I cannot keep a surprise for very long.


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