Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updates and Celebrations!

I have been so behind on blogging! We have been so, so busy. Here are some recaps and updates from the past few weeks!

First, the kitchen is coming along- I still need to take final "after" photos but here is a sneak peek:

I am loving the new color and the nice, flat walls! And I love our new microwave cart!

Andy and I celebrated our first anniversary but I never had a chance to share what he got me! Following the first anniversary "paper" tradition, Andy had one of our favorite wedding photos printed on a puzzle!! How great is that??


Here we are the night that we had a few friends over to watch Empire Strikes Back (I had never seen it!)


And here's me with sweet Lucy:


And here are the cookies that me, Sylvia, and her daughter Emmy decorated for Star Wars day... can you tell who they are?? I had no idea how to decorate them since I am definitely not a Star Wars aficionado!


This weekend, Andy and I went to Louisville to celebrate mother's day with my mom. We visited one of my favorite places, Churchill Downs:




It has been a very fun few weeks! May won't be slowing down as my 30th birthday is in exactly 2 weeks! AHHH!!!

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  1. love that wall color! and i love the fun cookies- may the fourth be with you!

  2. you are sooo busy! all.the.time. :)
    great pics! It was great to spend time with you this past weekend! love you!

  3. I liked this post! Lots of fun things!


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