Friday, June 1, 2012

...And Succulents!

Not only did I order terrarium plants online, but I also ordered succulents! I was looking for an excuse to buy a ton of succulents and I thought my birthday would be a great opportunity. :) I found a great family nursery on etsy called SANPEDROCACTUS. I decided to buy their package of 20 succulents and they arrived in perfect condition!

They arrived in little 2 inch pots and I transferred them to cute containers I found on clearance at Target. (They were in the $1 section but on clearance for 70% off so they were 30 cents each!)

I picked up some pebbles to fill in at the bottom to help with drainage then planted them with cactus soil. I took them to my little birthday get-together and decorated the space with them and then encouraged people to take them home at the end of the night.


I loved the way they looked arranged in a grid!

I did keep some for our house and any that had little growths, I cut them off and planted them in some of the little 2 inch pots. I hope to grow some of them into full plants!


If you're looking for bang for your buck, I would recommend buying them in bulk on etsy or ebay. They are so much cheaper than buying them individually at Home Depot or a nursery.

They make me so happy! I think I'm in danger of becoming a crazy plant lady!!

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  1. They are precious! Love those containers too!

  2. But if you have to turn into a crazy plant lady, succulents are totally worth it!

  3. Those are too cute, I love the grid arrangement!

    Happy belated birthday :)

    What Lola Wants

  4. I like the variety of the plants. Very cute! Those little bargain containers were perfect.

  5. So pretty! I love the idea of letting people take them home as gifts too.

  6. how great! and that is such a bargain! i might get some! i keep wanting to buy succulents, but at 10 bucks a pop i'm always scared i'll kill it.

  7. Succulents are SO stinkin beautiful. The little containers you planted them in are perfect.
    You'll have to keep us updated on how they do... I've wanted some for so long but I'm a plant killer so I just can't bring myself to buy one.

  8. These are so wonderful! I would of never thought of buying them online. Thanks for the advise.


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