Monday, June 4, 2012

Birthday Wrap-Up

I really don't mean to beat a dead horse about my birthday, but I wanted to do a little wrap-up! We celebrated over the course of a week between our families and friends and it was such a great time. Turning 30 wasn't too bad, thanks to all our friends and family!

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, Andy & I met my parents in Bowling Green for lunch and thrifting for a few hours. My mom did a great re-cap of our time including photos that you can read here!

We had lunch, then hit up some thrift stores and consignment shops. I always drag my family around thrifting but luckily my mom enjoys it as much as I do and Andy and my dad always find something to look at too. :) It was so, so hot so after hitting a few shops, our final stop was to get some ice cream! It was too short of a day together but it was very fun!

Bowling Green has soooooo many consignment stores, I was so surprised! A few weeks ago, I received an email from a Bowling Green vendor who was looking into opening a booth in Nashville. I found out where his booth was and made sure to visit it. I loved it!! I bought the following items from him:


His prices were incredible and these items will be going into my booth soon! I really hope he does open a booth in Nashville (hopefully in the Tennessee Antique Mall!) because his taste is so similar to mine.

The next day, Andy and I swung by the flea market in the morning. I only bought one thing (can you believe it?) and it was the little fawn pictured below for $2. The flea market is great but the prices don't leave enough "meat on the bones" for me to re-sell. Globes are $25 which is what I would sell them for... so... it's hard to shop there unless it's Sunday at closing and I'm feeling confident enough to try to haggle.

That afternoon, we celebrated my birthday, my mother in law's birthday, and my brother in law's birthday with Andy's family! I raided Andy's grandmother's bookshelf and found this amazing book series called Foxfire. Have you ever heard of it? From their website,
"Foxfire" is the name that an English class picked, in 1966, for a student-produced magazine they chose to create, containing stories and interviews gathered from elders in their rural Southern Appalachian community.
"Foxfire" is the name of a series of books which are anthology collections of material from The Foxfire Magazine. The students' portrayal of the previously-dismissed culture of Southern Appalachia as a proud, self-sufficient people with simple beliefs, pure joy in living, and rock-solid faith shattered most of the world-at-large's misconceptions about these "hillbillies."
This series is amazing! It features explanations of mountain hobbies, activities, and ways of life. It also has interviews with experts on these subjects and people who live this lifestyle. It makes me want to be a mountain person! They talk about quilting, moonshine, banjos, and so much more. I am so fascinated by them! I am so happy that Nanny let me bring them home! (You can see one below!)


Then on my actual birthday (Tuesday), we met friends at Rumours (a wine bar in East Nashville) and hung out for a few hours. I accosted everyone with my instax camera and then asked them to paste their photos into a little book I had made with scrapbook paper.


Rumours treated us so well and it was a very fun night. I felt so blessed that everyone came out in the rain to celebrate with me!

Then Friday, Andy's immediate family came over for one last birthday celebration. We got Calypso Cafe take-out (the best salads ever! black bean salad with white meat chicken for-eva!) and hung out and watched That Thing You Do. It was a very nice night!

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  1. Yay for a great birthday week!

  2. Happy belated birthday! (And, yes, Calypso's black bean salad is better than pretty much any other salad of all time.)

  3. I don't even remember turning 30. I remember 40 and 50, but not 30. It was while you were in pre-k, so I'm sure it was nothing special.
    So happy that you will look back on turning 30 with fond memories! :)
    great finds, thrifting with you always wears me out! hahah

  4. looks like a great birthday week! that type writer is so pretty! I didn't get to go to the flea at all this weekend, such a bummer!

  5. I LOVE that movie! probably because it's my era...Congratulations on your Happy Birthday and your happy life! (and all your happy finds)!


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