Friday, June 8, 2012

Crazy Plant Lady

Remember when I said I was in danger of becoming a crazy plant lady?

Here's a little insight into my plant madness right now. :) Here are the stairs I mentioned that were built right in front of a window.

plants stairs 2

plants stairs

The succulents in the pink and brown planters are all from the esty seller SanPedroCactus. The white and teal planters both have hens and chicks that we used in our wedding (succulents that originated in my great-grandmother's garden many decades ago!). The chalky looking planter is from my friend Emily who gave me a cutting from one of her plants and then finally, one of my terrariums.

I recently discovered a blog called Wit & Whistle and I loved her tips for keeping plants alive. She and I use the same Miracle-Gro fertilizer so I'm glad I'm in good company there! She also says she talks to her plants... I haven't started talking to them very much, but I do try to greet them when I pop around the corner to see them!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. AWWW! I love that you have plants from your great grandma!

  2. Being a crazy plant lady is a good thing! ;) They all look so cute! I need to get some more plants. Have a great weekend!


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