Monday, June 11, 2012

Thrift Report: Ephemera Edition

So, I'm a "phase" person... I get an idea, obsess over it, do it, then move on. Right now, I'm obsessed with ephemera and gathering lots of random supplies for my Smash Book (more details coming soon!) and then I had the idea to sell variety packs of ephemera and supplies and such. So, I hit up thrift stores last week with that goal in mind and hit the jackpot!

I'm looking for vintage children's books, flashcards, game pieces, etc. Anything that would be fun for scrapbooking, card making, or other paper crafts. Here are my finds!


Cute "concentration" cards with fun cartoon drawings of various careers (ballerina, rock star, magician, etc), some carnival style Crazy 8 cards, random game pieces, and a TON of alphabet cards from the word game Probe. (I found Probe at an estate sale last week then went to Goodwill were there were THREE Probe games - how weird is that? I had never even heard of the game before last week!)


More flash cards, including state cards!


Lots of fun Sesame Street items! Flash cards and books!


Wonders of the World flash cards, which funnily enough, includes things like "television." And I've been finding really funny female-focused books lately - What Makes Men Tick and The Girls We Leave Behind (which sounds like it's the Trudy Campbell story, for you Mad Men watchers!).


Some cute children's books that aren't in great shape, so they will be cut up for projects!


A Family Creative Workshop book that doesn't look like much from the outside (top left photo) but the photos below that show the inside. It has a lot of random crafts in it!

The pink bowl is a funny story - At the Goodwill Outlet, I found a ton of loose buttons and scooped them up into the bowl... then I came across a very, very broken typewriter. It's pretty much a free for all at the Outlet, so I popped the letters off the typewriter and tossed them into the button bowl. Now I have typewriter letters!

I found a few 4th of July related items - a beautiful red, white, and blue afghan and some patriotic books!

I found this gooooorgeous brown leather suitcase!!! And a fun tan purse. 

Some of the books are in the booth now but some are going to be put away for projects. The purse and suitcase are there! 

I'll have some booth updates tomorrow - there's an exciting new piece!

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  1. That afghan is a beauty! FUN stuff!!!

  2. This is such a cool idea. The children's stuff would make a cool scrapbook! I can't wait to see what you do with it all!

  3. wow! that's a lot of stuff! good stuff! :)
    that leather suitcase is awesome! the typewriter keys are cool. I'd like to have been there watching you pop those keys off! lol
    can't wait to see the surprise piece in the booth!

  4. great finds! i LOVE crazy eights game! can't wait to see your ephemera packs! should be awesome!

  5. I love all those cards you found! I can't wait to see what you do with some of this stuff.

  6. Those alphabet cards are such a find. Love that you popped off the keys at the Goodwill bins--the outlet is lawless!

  7. You should make some of those old books into bunting banners. Those would look so cute hanging in a kids room. Or hang the flash cards like that too, or frame some of them. So many fun things you could do with them! Great finds


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