Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fun: Taylor Swift shops the Tennessee Antique Mall!

If you spend time in Nashville, you'll notice that most local businesses have a section of their establishment dedicated to autographs. Apparently, famous people like to sign the places they shop. The only thing is, most of the time you have NO CLUE who the "celebrity" is. The Hillsboro Village post office has an entire wall dedicated to signed 8x10s but they are all from the 90s and most of the artists were one-hit wonders and completely unrecognizable.

Our Tennessee Antique Mall also has autographs, and like most other places, it's hard to recognize a single name. Until now.

I was dropping some items off this week and noticed a new autograph... on the wall.

That's right.

Taylor Swift.


Caroline, who works at the mall, says Taylor drops in pretty often and normally buys suitcases. She told me that she might even have bought one of mine! Pretty crazy.

Let me know if you spot her around town with something from Owl Really. Snap a photo. That will give me major street cred, right??

Hope you have a great Friday and weekend. :)

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  1. i noticed that too! i couldn't tell if it was new, or i just hadn't seen it. i love that she buys suitcases! i hope she takes them on the road with her!


    I am so moving there! ;)

  3. Well, that's cool! Leave some notes in your suitcases that say "Hi Taylor"and see what happens. :)

  4. I was thinking along the same lines at Suzanne. I've always thought it would be fun to put an email address inside of things like that and say for the buyer to send a picture of them with their item. You might just catch yourself a Taylor!

  5. Ohhh, I love Suzanne and Eartha's ideas! :)
    How fun! In n'ville, I'm sure someone would totally do that!
    Can you imagine Taylor tweeting a pic with @owlreally tagged? omg!

  6. I am hereby stealing the name "t-swizzy". Also I bought an adorable old suitcase at a friends yard sale..I am trying to find a good purpose for it...right now it is holding art supplies.


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