Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrift Report: Picking an Estate

Andy's longtime friends Brodie and Alan are opening a store called Recycled Relix on July 7 in East Nashville. They will be focusing on selling collectibles and vintage pop culture items and things like that. I am so excited for them as they embark on this journey!

Brodie attended a yard sale several months ago and struck up a conversation with the woman running it. She was trying to downsize her father's estate but wasn't sure where to begin, so she started with a yard sale. Fast forward to last Monday when Brodie and I got to go pick through the house and I got to buy from her before she calls in an estate sale company to take care of the rest.

She wasn't ready to get rid of most of the things I was interested in, but I did find a few items! The coolest item is an amazing atomic ceiling light fixture that I have not had a chance to photograph yet. It is incredible, though!

I found the game Finance (extremely similar to Monopoly, but with businesses instead of properties), a cool green pillow, a nice brown leather Samsonite suitcase. I also bought a great green chip & dip set but failed to get a photo before I put it in my booth! You can see elements of it below.


A fondue set, still in the box!


I love anything related to Pride & Prejudice, so I picked up this P&P study guide plus the English version of Cyrano de Bergerac. (I took many, many, many years of French [I minored in it] and always loved watching Gerard Depardieu in Cyrano, so I picked up the book!)


Not too bad! All the items went straight to the booth (minus Cyrano and the light fixture) because my car was beginning to smell like an attic. :)

Did you find goodies last week??

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  1. That green pillow. OHHHHH! And I love learning new things about you! French, huh?

  2. fun stuff! :)
    as a matter of fact I did find some stuff YOUR garage! hahaha
    thanks for the goodies!

  3. how fun! and their store sounds awesome! i can't wait to go there!


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