Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fun: Huxtable Hotness

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments about Ollie and being an aunt! Sadly, we didn't get to see him because Staci went back to the hospital to have her foot checked out because it's still swollen. I haven't heard the verdict yet so I'm keeping her in my prayers. It must be stressful to be a new mom and have to deal with medical issues!

Today's Friday Fun post takes us back in time and features one of my favorite TV shows ever. I just discovered a highly entertaining website called Huxtable Hotness, in which the author watches every episode of The Cosby Show and dissects each character's wardrobe.

The members of the Huxtable family made pretty distinct clothing choices and it's fun to look back at them and think about the impact they had on the series. You knew you could always expect to see Cliff's sweaters and college sweatshirts, Clair's classy lawyer outfits, Denise's funky, artistic ensembles, and Theo's trendy teenager look. (Sorry Rudy and Vanessa, your clothes don't really stand out!)

It's also fun to see if any of the 80s clothes could be worn today. Interestingly enough, some of them could. :)

Check out Huxtable Hotness if you're looking to waste a LOT of time and be entertained. :)

P.S. Happy Birthday to Andy!!! I love you and I'm so excited to celebrate with you today!

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  1. Happy birthday ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved the Cosby Show. Loved!!!

  2. Now Vanessa had a CRAZY outift one episode that I remember. BIG HUGE hammer pants also known as Harem pants for thsoe of you who are not aware of MC Hammer and all his greatness ; )

    I have not watched that show in forever and that outfit still stand out to me.
    The episode where Theo wanted a designer shirt and his sister Denise decides that she can make it and convinces Theo to let her and save some money. Of course the shirt is a total disaster but oh boy did it make for good tv.

  3. How fun! that takes me back. :)

    I hope you two have a lot of fun celebrating Andy's birthday this weekend! Happy birthday Andrew!
    I sure hope Stacy is okay with her foot. that's awful!

  4. Carolyn - the Gordon Gartrelle episode is so great! It's one of the first few of the series and I read his post about it - it was funny! :)


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